Gym Bag Essentials

Exercising frequently is essential, and if you have a gym membership, then you should take advantage of its equipment and classes. However, you will need to pack a gym bag so that you can prepare for a class when you arrive, along with smelling fresh when you leave.

If you've ever forgotten to pack something essential to a good workout, this list is for you. Here's a reminder of the basic 'must haves' for your gym bag, plus a few little luxury items nice to have stowed away so you can just grab and go.



Clothing for specialised workouts

While you can often use a treadmill wearing everyday clothing, you will need specialised garments for some types of workouts. Any moisture wicking branded fabrics are always best (eg, Nike Dri-Fit, Adidas ClimaLite, Reebok PlayDry) and the breathable fabric will feel a lot more comfortable. If you want to participate in a yoga class, you should have lightweight but snug garments that don’t reveal your body whilst you are moving into certain positions. You should also pack extra socks, including the types that have gripping soles so that you won’t slip on a floor mat. For the women, a sports bra is important as is a well gripping hair tie.



Reusable water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Staying hydrated is essential during exercise and having a water bottle with you makes it easier to get that fluid intake while you sweat it out on the elliptical or spin bike. Besides, switching to reusable, non-plastic is a step in the right direction and the bottles from Stay Sixty are the most practical out there making cleaning quick and easy, removing build-up and bacteria.


PRESS - Gym Bag Essential Kit


Tracking Your Workout Regimen

When you want to keep track of your weightlifting repetitions or how much weight you have lost using an elliptical machine, you need a way to record the information. While you can use an old-fashioned notebook along with a pencil or pen, there are now a lot of great fitness trackers available on the market. They're also great for everyday use, monitoring your activity and health and may offer GPS tracking.



Showering Supplies For the Gym

Smell fresh after leaving the gym! Bring along your own supplies in your gym bag so that you can shower as fast as possible. First, you will need a towel, and a microfiber one is a great choice because it will dry faster. In addition, buy travel size bottles of shampoo or body wash that you can store in a sealable plastic bag. Malin + Goetz makes life easier with their essentials kit. Don't forget to pack deodorant, this natural Eucalyptus Deodorant is not only cooling but works to cleanse the skin and neutralise odours, providing up to 24 hours of freshness so will have you smelling great the rest of the day.

Shower Gym Essentials 


Wireless Headphones

Workouts are made easier when listening to a pumped-up playlist, one that gets you ready to crush it. But if you still find exercising monotonous, you can make it more interesting by listening to a podcast, concentrating on a discussion or story is a great distraction from the clock - before you know it, your gym sesh is over. Going wireless avoids tangles whilst lifting weights, with most being sweat-proof and offering eight hours of battery life, this is a workout accessory must have.



Snacks & Protein

It does not matter what kind of snack you have in your bag but you will need them either way. Fueling your body before a work out is almost as important as staying hydrated and you need to refuel as soon as possible after an intense workout!
In order to maximise the effect of your workout and recover properly pack a protein punch, whether it be an energy bar or plant-based protein



Fresheners For Your Gym Bag

An odour-eliminating spray is an easy way to freshen up your gym bag and you're going to want to do this every week or so. We find that dryer sheets work well and smell great too.


Once you get into a routine, going to the gym will feel like a natural part of the day. Having a well-packed gym bag will definitely make that goal a little bit more attainable. 


Joe Humphries,


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