Our Mission

Transforming people's lives through the power of natural nutrition.

The PRESS Story.

Two Londoners, Ed and Georgie, met in LA and bonded over their love of cold-pressed juice and all things healthy. Soon they were on a mission to bring healthy plant-based nutrition to the UK.

Back in 2014, if you were a busy Londoner balancing career, social life and burning the candle at both ends, there were limited options for convenient, quality, health on the go.

Today we are on a mission to continue that journey helping you to feel and look your best whilst enjoying a full life.

a female and a man standing behind a row of cold pressed juices

Founders Ed & Georgie, Old Street, 2014

a close up image of kale

Our nutrition philosophy

Plant-based nutrition has the power to change every aspect of your life and drives a positive impact for our planet. It can support your immune system, give you more energy, help you manage eating habits, give you clearer skin and better digestion.

Our values.

100% Plant Based

We believe in the power of plant based nutrition to improve health and not cost the earth.

Natural Pharmacy

Our diet defines how our bodies function. The right nutrition has the power to not only cure but also prevent.

It Has To Taste Great

If it doesn't taste great, you won't enjoy it and if you don't enjoy it, it wont become part of your lifestyle.

Plastic Neutral

Every plastic product sold funds the removal and recycling of plastic waste from our oceans.