The Juice Life

At PRESS, we're dedicated to serving and delivering the best cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised juice and healthy foods to people in London and across the UK, each and every day.


Whilst living in LA and New York respectively, PRESS founders, Georgie and Ed, developed a love for cold-pressed juices and had come to rely on them as a convenient, delicious and healthy part of their diets. Their favourite juices were not only a source of daily enjoyment but also helped them to add some much-needed nutritional TLC to their busy work and social lives (late nights, early mornings and very little time for food shopping or cooking the right things)


We invest our time, energy and knowledge to create products, provide services and develop relationships that deliver enjoyable, positive, tangible change to people’s lives


Our vision is to be the worlds most health-centric lifestyle company; to build places, both physical and digital, that people can come discover, learn and engage with their health


Let us dream, let us never stop trying, let us laugh, let us make someone else's day, let us live in the moment…. Let us live the juice life


From the moment they reach the kitchen, fruit, vegetables and our custom presses are cooled to below 3°C. 9 metric tonnes of pressure is then applied to this produce, extracting the juice without producing any friction or heat. This method ensures the juice never reaches above 3 degrees, meaning all of our bottles resemble the raw fruit and vegetables inside them, in their natural state, with the maximum level of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients possible.


PRESS Cleanses are a low calorie, daily liquid detox, consisting of raw, unpasteurised vegetable and fruit juices, nut milks, cleanse waters, soups and supplements. Cleanses are enjoyed throughout the day as a substitute for your regular 3 meals and give the body a chance to rest and recover from the ongoing strain we put upon them. Find out more about cleansing on our Cleanses page