When Fashion Meets Fire! Hot Shots with Vogue Editor Julia Hobbs

Hot Shots is the video series where PRESS co-founder Ed Foy interviews 'Hot Shots' from their respective industries. Each guest is asked 12 questions and before answering, they must take a shot of a superfood - think garlic cloves, spicy chillies, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and PRESS' 'Fireball' Shots.

It's like a game of truth or dare for millennials...

This time we sit down with one of the most prominent voices in British Fashion, Julia Hobbsto see how she would fare against our superfood Hot Shots! Julia is a  presenter and longtime editor at both Vogue and Condé Nast. Ed and Julia discuss everything from childhood career dreams to bleeding radiators, while trying to manage the Hot Shot heat. Check the video out below and enjoy!

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