We Made Our Boss Do A Cleanse...

My dad told me that anything that's worth doing takes a lot of effort and perseverance. When we started developing our Fab-in-Four weight loss programmes in 2018 it seemed like an easy task, my dad would have given me a “thick ear” for forgetting his lesson! We wanted to design programmes that delivered the right calories for each individual, with the right macro nutrient balance to ensure that they lost fat, not muscle, in a safe and sustainable way. But most of all, we wanted people to not spend their waking hours hangry and sad.

Before launch in December last, along with 10 PRESS fans, I tried the programme and was amazed at both the results, the enjoyment and overall ease of it. Now given that I am the founder of the company, clearly I am going to paint a rosy picture, but what has been amazing since we launched the programme beyond the test phase is how many people have extended from 4 weeks to 8 and come back to us explaining the things they love, as well as the things we could improve. 

For me, having 5 days a week, programmed with the right calories just means I don’t have to worry. Soups are, as far as I can tell a miracle food that keep you full, are enjoyable and take 4 mins to heat up. I like the ritual of making a smoothie in the morning without the mess of fruit and vegetables and the inevitable wastage of filling my fridge and then going away for a couple of days.

Another part I loved is that I really did feel energised and balanced. I woke up feeling positive and excited for the day and when you have finished the week, I can eat/cook whatever I want and its not hard to stay in the habit of making positive nutrition choices for my body. I have also never lost so much fat so quickly whilst maintaining energy levels for the gym and training. My body looks healthy and in shape after 4 weeks.

In the end what I think we have created (and as I mentioned it was a lot harder than we though it would be) are programmes that deliver results not just in healthy fat loss, but also in resetting bad habits and feeding your body plant-based super healthy nutrition. 
We all hate being hangry and out of shape… now you can can have the latter without the former…. And there's still room to go out to eat and take in some of life’s excesses on the weekends. 

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1250 Calorie Diet Plan
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Image: Healthy Meal Plan
1750 Calorie Diet Plan
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