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The Do's & Don'ts Of A Cleanse

10 golden rules to follow when detoxing!

No matter what stage in life you're at, there may come a time when you feel your body needs to abstain from your current diet and give your digestive system a rest from solid foods.

It's not as daunting as it sounds, it is a challenge, you have a job, you like to go out, eat well, have sociable drinks every now and then etc. So how do you do this while cleansing, or do you stop? There's no need to feel guilty, it's normal, it's living a 'Life In Balance'!

But, if you feel a cleanse might be a good starting point to get you back on track, we've put together our top tips on what to expect...


If you’re a first-timer, we’d suggest trying PRESS' Beginner Juice Cleanse, there are a few sweeter juices to get you into it, or the Nourish Soup Cleanse, because alternating between hot and cold liquids is more satisfying than you'll ever know unless you're a pro cleanser. By minimising the work that your digestive organs need to do to process food, your body will have the energy for other things, like actually waking up in the morning without coffee.


    Cleansing is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one, so if your mind isn’t prepared, your body will likely fail. Three days before you’re set to start, think about the positive effects the cleanse will have on your body, and try to reduce your alcohol, caffeine and processed food levels so that the cleanse doesn't hit you as hard as it otherwise might. 

      REST UP

      Think of your body like a car: if you’re putting in less fuel, you’re going to have less energy. This is not the time to be running marathons or training at F45. Make sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep a night and you’re not overexerting yourself during the day.


        You should be drinking eight glasses of water a day on a regular basis, but up your water intake while you’re on a cleanse to about two litres per day. Not only will your body function better, but you’ll also be clearing out any toxins you have in your body.
        Is a juice detox good for you


          We’re talking some light yoga or pilates or taking an afternoon walk in the park. Just because you’re resting doesn’t mean you should be a couch potato, and your body should still be moving and stretching while you’re on a cleanse to keep things functioning properly. Plus, you won’t go into such shock afterwards if you keep moving during your cleanse.

            DUMP THE JUNK

            Clean your cupboards, fridge and desk of all processed and sugary foods a few days before cleansing. When the temptation isn’t there, it’s much easier to avoid cheating on your cleanse. If you're really (and we mean really, really) struggling, we recommend nuts like almonds to chomp on.


              How many times do you just eat because you’re bored, not because you’re hungry? If you’re most people, the answer is something along the lines of “all the time.” Plan to be busy for a good portion of your day so that you don’t binge just because you’re bored. Paint your nails, read a book, go for a walk, phone a friend? Generally, the first day of a juice cleanse is relatively easy, at least for the first few hours. If you're used to a hearty breakfast, you may feel a bit sluggish, but this feeling should subside after your first juice. Knowing when to expect your cleanse getting harder will help you plan when to distract yourself.

                SIDE EFFECTS

                Depending on your regular diet, a cleanse may be a complete shock to your system. Eliminating coffee and sugar from your daily diet could cause headaches, nausea and the additional fruit and veg may cause you to be on the loo for more time than you're used to. Awks, we know! Stick with it and after the first few days, you’ll absolutely begin to feel better. Your body needs to detox!

                  STRESS LESS

                  This one can be tough, but the best suggestion is to start a cleanse on a weekend when you know you can relax without stress. You could even opt for PRESS' 2 day Weekend Reset Cleanse to get you started, there's even an energy bar included in this one! 

                    STAY STRONG

                    Once you've finished your cleanse, try to avoid going straight back to processed food. Spend a week eating clean, raw foods to keep your body looking and feeling amazing, it will go into complete shock if you go back to greasy, fatty foods with no nutritional value afterwards. Saying that, it's likely you won’t even want to eat processed foods after a cleanse. Your body becomes used to the natural, clean foods that it should be consuming and won’t want to go back to the junk. We know it’s hard to believe, but you’ll see for yourself if you decide to go on a cleanse!

                    Remember, everyone's experience is different, and detox symptoms can vary on how our health is to begin with and how quickly our bodies releases toxins. If you're unsure, there is plenty of research on fasting and cleansing and we recommend you read the good and the bad to make sure it is right for you. Nobel Prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Putlizer Prize for his research on fasting and this is a definite read.

                    And for those brave souls that want to do it all over again, why not go hardcore next time with PRESS' Advanced Juice Cleanse...

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