The Rise Of ‘Healthy’ Drinking


Sometimes, we don't just want to spend our weekends stuck on the sofa, clutching packs of Nurofen to nurse that dreaded hangover! But, if staying away from alcohol means you won't be going out, especially with the risk of being berated by your friends, then you're doing it wrong.

2017 has already seen the rise of the non-alcoholic spirits and low-calorie alternatives. These innovative and creative drinks mean that you can totally fool your peers into thinking you’re drinking. The best part? You won’t be the one waking up with a hangover.


Seedlip non-alcoholic award winning tonic

Take Seedlip; a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with carefully selected herbs, spices, peels and barks, made to solve the modern-day dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’. Available in two unique blends, Seedlip Spice and Seedlip Garden, the spirit is calorie free, allergen free and sugar-free. Available across the UK and in some of London’s top bars, it’s used in a number of cocktails. However, the brand recommends it to be enjoyed with tonic – go slimline, if you’re looking to cut down the calories.

Seedlip provides the same social rituals as alcoholic drinks, but as a low-calorie and credible alternative to alcohol, you won’t feel you’re missing out if it’s a midweek night or you just want to take it easy.

- Ben Branson, Seedlip Founder


However, if going T-Total isn’t for you, you can always just cut down your alcohol consumption or turn to healthier alternatives. 2016 saw several innovative brands take the well-being sector by storm and there are now plenty of drinks available on the market that are both lower in sugar and made from natural substances.


Twisted Halo low calorie alcoholic vodka drink

Coconut water, you either love it or you hate it. Many of us have forced it down regardless, on account of its proclaimed benefits. Noticing the trend, Jess Titcumb developed a range of gently sparkling coconut water based drinks, which are twisted with ginger and mixed with premium vodka, called Twisted Halo. So put down the vodka, soda and lime, because at only 90 calories per bottle, containing no added sugar, no nasties and no artificial flavours, Twisted Halo is your new best friend.



If vodka isn’t your tipple and you prefer something a little fruitier, say hello to Cranes cider. With cider renowned for being a high sugar drink, you might not think you could incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle? Twins, Dan and Ben, founders of Cranes drinks were adamant in finding a beverage they could fit into their active, sporty lifestyle - and boy did they achieve it. At 99 calories per bottle, and containing one fifth of the sugar of regular brands, Cranes has a truly unique offering. Made from brewing the cranberry super fruit, it’s 100% natural and available in three delicious flavours; Original Cranberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate, and Strawberry and Kiwi.


Remember iced tea? Harry Brompton's will make you fall in love with it all over again! An alcoholic version containing less than 90 calories - a lot less of the bad stuff and a lot more of the good stuff (and we don’t just mean the alcohol) was always going to become a winner. Harry Brompton’s has two ranges, a regular range and a skinny range, in a number of flavours. They are made from a blend of black teas, sourced from the Great Rift Valley in Kenya with natural fruit essences and craft distilled spirit. Pour over ice and enjoy with a fresh wedge of lime or throw in a shot of gin and a slice of cucumber to add an extra kick!



This low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc from Barton and Guestier has almost record breaking sugar levels. With a lovely pale straw colour and subtle green and gold highlights, this wonderful white has a powerful nose of tropical fruit with elegant florals. Vibrant and lively on the palate, it's bursting with fruity aromas that lead to a refreshing citrusy finish. At only 70 calories per 125ml serving, it's not hard to believe why this has been a huge hit.


Photo Credit: Craft and Cocktails
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