5 Top Tips To Start Your Day Right

Breakfast is the solution to a better day!

Starting your day the healthy way is key to a high-energy successful day! Published by the American Psychological Association, people who are more active early in the day (or early risers) are said to be less stressed, depressed and anxious than night owls. To help you rise and shine and be your absolute best, here are 5 smart strategies that you should adopt: 


1. Always eat a healthy breakfast

Research suggests that breakfast eaters tend to have more balanced diets and are less likely to be overweight. Breakfast can also improve mental performance, concentration and even mood. 

For the best possible start to the day, opt for a breakfast, which provides a slow release of energy to the body and brain. Try porridge, natural yoghurt with fresh fruit or even eggs with avocado on toast for a fulfilling meal. 


2. Drink a cup of matcha green tea

If you’re a coffee addict, then matcha green tea may be a perfect alternative. This antioxidant rich beverage uses the whole tea leaf, which means it’s a source of a special compound called l-theanine. Research suggests that l-theanine can help to stimulate feelings of relaxed alertness and clarity without the those anxious jitters that come from caffeine.


3. Don’t forget to hydrate

Dehydration can result in low energy, poor mood and lack of concentration. If you want to feel and perform at your best then staying hydrated with a glass of water before you leave the house can really set you up for success! To help you stay energised and hydrated throughout the day, remember to bring a reusable water bottle to work - it will make all the difference. 


4. Take your vitamin D supplement with breakfast

It’s impossible to get enough of this sunshine vitamin during the winter months, which is why we should all consider supplementing with 400IU vitamin D daily between October to April.

Vitamin D is important because it plays a key role for bone health. At the same time, it also helps with fighting coughs and colds and even affects your mood!


5. Track your steps

If you need that morning energy boost, fresh air and exercise will be the remedy you need. Exercise is not only important for physical health but it helps your brain to stay sharp. Put on your trainers and power walk to the station, and you can arrive at your office feeling smug you’ve completed more steps than your colleagues before 9am!


By leading London Nutritionist, Lily Soutter BSc (Hons) Food & Human Nutrition, Dip NT

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