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Iceland: An Adventurer’s Winter Wonderland!

Weekend getaways just got a whole lot more adventurous!

Coined as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland has one of the most diverse and dramatic landscapes in the world. From the spectacular Jokulsarlon glacier and the steamy Geysir hot spring, to the Kirkfujell mountain and the beautiful Skofagoss waterfall, this country will leave you in awe of nature’s creations.

But besides the beauty, Iceland truly is an adventurer’s paradise. So, if you and your friends are looking for your 2019 winter break destination, here are THE reasons why you should choose Iceland!


The Road Is All Yours

Iceland travel guide

With a population of just 350,000, you’ll find yourself driving along the Ring Road enjoying the nature in peace and serenity. Where everywhere is a perfect photo opportunity, self-driving in Iceland means that you can travel at your own pace and stop anywhere along the way to snap the most wonderful landscapes of Iceland!


There’s an Adventure for Everyone

Why travel to Iceland - Jokulsarlon glacier

Iceland's most beautiful landscapes serve as a perfect spot for adventure for all thrill-seekers out there! You can find yourself diving between two continents at Silfra fissure, hiking up the colossal Skaftafell glacier, or even walking along the Solheimasandur black beach to look for the mysterious and abandoned plane wreck. With countless activities to enjoy, it’s safe to say that you’ll leave Iceland with nothing but amazing memories!


Even Their Hotels Scream Adventure

Located 30 minutes away from Reykjavik, an abandoned building turned into the modern and sleek Ion Adventure Hotel is an experience you won’t want to miss! In close proximity to the Golden Circle route, it’s no wonder this is a popular accommodation for all wanderers.

Why you need to go to Iceland - Kirkfujell mountainPrices start from £180

But if you’re looking to fulfil your childhood dreams of sleeping under the stars, the 5 Million Star Hotel, also known as ‘Buubble’, is a sleeping chamber unlike any other. Nestled in a forest, you’ll be accommodated in a transparent plastic room which looks like an igloo. Trust us, you’ll hardly fall asleep looking at the beautiful night sky!

Iceland northern lights reviewPrices start from £380 (min of two people per booking)


Experience One of the World’s Most Magical Sights: The Northern Lights

If you happen to be in Iceland between November and March, there is a decent chance of seeing this remarkable phenomenon appearing in front of your eyes! The Northern Lights can be seen anywhere as long as the sky is dark and clear, but most people head to Þingvellir for one of the most spectacular views. Looking to capture this on camera? Be sure to bring a tripod and set a long shutter speed for the best photo outcome! (this tutorial will help!)


Wind Down at The Blue Lagoon

What to see in Iceland

What better way than to end your trip at the renowned geothermal spa: The Blue Lagoon? Surrounded by black lava rocks, the milky blue water is an idyllic setting for those who just want a luxurious and relaxing experience. But this manmade creation is not just a pretty sight because dermatologists swear by the natural minerals the water contains – the sulfur which then turns into silica mud. It’s no wonder the Blue Lagoon offers skin care products where silica is one of their key ingredients!

For further Icelandic inspiration, have a look at Benjamin Hardman on Instagram #goals.

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