Give The Gift of Health: A Note From Our Founder

During this year, we have gone through cycles of eating well and less so. And when we look back it is 100% correlated to the periods that we think we enjoyed. Some of this may be argued as the chicken and egg scenario but thats just not the truth. If you are fuelling your body with the wrong foods, and by wrong foods we mean high salt, high sugar, high saturated fats and an imbalanced macro nutrient composition (protein, carbs, fibre etc.), then your body will react in a predictable way and that will be to supply less consistent energy levels, affect your ability too sleep, to get up int he morning, and because we are evolutionarily programmed to do so, to make you think about those foods more often. 

So, if you are having a bad day, or week, or month(s)….. before you do too much thinking at a 30 thousand foot level and soul searching about the meaning of life…. Try looking at your eating habits and try for a week to reset them, PRESS can deliver a tailored solution for you, so you don’t go hungry but you do fuel yourself the right way. But regardless food is the start of it all, it's literally what you are made of. 

Any friends I have that are struggling, my first suggestions is always to ask "how is your diet, what are you eating and when?". 
This is why this year we have decided to launch our gift sets so you can give your loved ones the gift of health and happiness. Let’s be honest, no one needs another pair of socks this Christmas. It just isn't going to cut it after the year we've had and we've all learnt that the most important things are health, happiness and our loved ones. Our NEW gift sets include a 3 day signature cleanse, 4 week diet plan, 7 day reset or £100 gift card! All sets include a gorgeous PRESS X Papier Wellness journal to help your special someone achieve their health goals! 
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