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Welcome to another episode of Breakfast With Ed! Here, Ed interviews David Abrahamovitch, co-founder of Grind, on how he turned his family mobile phone business into some of the coolest locations in London & what it takes to make the perfect flat white!

Meet David Abrahamovitch, founder and CEO of Grind & Co.

David founded the first Grind location, Shoreditch Grind in 2011, with his friend and co-founder, Melbourne born DJ Kaz James.
In the last six years, Grind has grown quickly from a single location focused on coffee into a day-to-night leisure brand, comprising of nine locations, including espresso bars, cocktail bars, restaurants, a late-night club, a recording studio and a coffee roastery in Shoreditch.

Now one of London's best-loved hospitality brands, Grind has been recognised in the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, as well as being named by Bloomberg as a 'Business Innovator 2016' - one of the 50 British companies most transforming the way people live, think and work.

The answer to the question we all want to know... How do you make the perfect flat white?

We have made more than a few flat whites over the years, and for us, the perfect flat white is the harmony between coffee & milk. 
Pulling a well-extracted shot of our sweet, rich and smooth Grind House Blend espresso, mixed with expertly steamed unhomogenised milk from The Estate Dairy, allows this drink to be nice and punchy. We finish coffee with our infamous sexy latte art - that's a perfect flat white. 

Visit Grind:

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