5 steps to kick start your journey to a healthier, plant based lifestyle

Look we get it, you watched Cowspiracy, you tried really hard to go vegan, but you were bored and hungry and it just wasn’t going to cut it for you. 

Bland, soggy tofu vs a delicious roast chicken dinner….no contest. Turning up to a BBQ and finding the vegan offering consists of a rocket and tomato salad or a bread bun.......hold me back. Being that annoying one on Saturday night when you’re trying to book a table but everywhere is so meat heavy you spend hours trying to find a spot that will cater to you....No thank you!

No wonder you gave up. But here’s the thing. A vegan diet doesn't HAVE to be that hard. Firstly, it’s not an all or nothing thing. Every little step you take towards a plant based lifestyle is another step towards saving our planet (and animals too)

So with this ‘every little helps’ approach in mind, we compiled a list of steps, a beginners guide if you will, towards leading a healthier, more sustainable, plant based lifestyle.

  • Switch one of your meals to a vegan one - Be it daily or even weekly, try switching out one of your meals for a plant based dish instead. Switch your burger for a veggie one, make your curry with lots of colourful veggies so you don't even notice the meat’s missing, or marinade some tofu to replace the chicken in your salad.
  • Replace your milk with a plant based alternative - There are so many on the market now, from light and super low-cal almond milk to creamy oat milk and even sweeter soy based ones. You can find the perfect addition to your morning coffee or bowl of porridge (we might be biased but its oat all the way here at Press HQ)
  • Meat substitutes - A controversial one we know “Why go vegan if you’re going to eat something that looks and tastes like meat anyway” But that's the whole point, you can get some uncannily similar options now without any of the negative impact on animals, the planet, and your body.
  • Check your cosmetics - Brands are rapidly realising that plant based is best and making steps towards becoming fully sustainable, vegan and cruelty free. So netx time you’re stocking up on shampoo or browsing for a new blusher, check the labels and go for a vegan friendly product.
  • Eat more veg - It’s that simple. Fruit and veg is SO nutritious, delicious and easy to pack into your diet. Just increase your intake, experiment with recipes, try new weird and wonderful looking veggies, grab a celery juice in the morning instead of coffee. And don’t beat yourself up about not going all in immediately, it’s all about being conscious and trying to do your bit.


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