Meal Plans.

Whether you're looking for weight-loss, glowing skin or healthy moments made easy, our meal delivery plans are the perfect solution.

Functional Meal Plans.

Enhance your health and well-being with our Functional Meal Plans. These tailored meal delivery options are designed to support specific health goals, providing balanced nutrition to help you achieve optimal performance and vitality. 


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2 Week Skin Glow-Up

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Our Meal Plan FAQ.

    What if I get hungry?

    We've worked with nutritionists to make sure you're getting all the right macronutrients, but if you feel you need something extra, a snack won't negatively impact your end result. Opt for a small handful of nuts for a fibre-filled snack .

    Can I cancel or pause my plan?

    You can pause your plan, you will need to tell us 48 hours before delivery is due if you need any changes made. You can cancel your PRESS plan at any time, however fees apply for certain plans, please see full T&Cs for further details.

    I have an allergy, can I still do a meal plan?

    Our plans contain gluten and nuts. Please reach out to our customer services team if you wish to discus your options and if we can make suitable substitutes. Contact us here.

    Will I lose weight? 

    If weight loss if your health goal, a recomended 500 calorie deficit per day is a healthy and sustainable way. Sticking to this daily calorie deficit can result in up to 1kg lost per week.

    Which plan is best for me?

    Depending on what results you are looking to get out of the meal plan. The longer plan you complete, the more results you will see.

More Questions? Our friendly customer service team is always here to help