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The 5 Most Googled Cleanse Questions

No food for a day might seem like torture so you’re probably thinking WHY would I do this and HOW am I supposed to survive 3 or 5 days?! 

The thought of doing a juice cleanse can be a daunting one. No food for a day might seem like torture so you’re probably thinking WHY would I do this and HOW am I going to do this?!

We have answered the top googled cleanse questions to put your mind at ease:

Why is a cleanse good for you?

Weight loss

Over the course of a cleanse you'll reset your mind and body. Whilst most people will see some weight loss during their cleanse, this is best seen as a springboard to kick bad habits and set you on a healthier trajectory. Post-cleanse you'll have kicked those sugar cravings and if you can maintain a plant based diet you'll be on a journey to sustained weight loss, higher energy levels and better health. 


Removing solid food from your diet for a short period of time will give your digestive system a rest. By only consuming raw fruit and vegetable juice, you are greatly reducing the amount of input and stress that your gut experiences. Instead you are flooding it with easy to assimilate, nutrient dense juices.


By flooding your body with nutrients in their raw form and removing caffeine, many people find themselves waking up each day more energised than the day before. Plus, the body will be getting an energy boost after each easily assimilated juice! You should come out the other side with a spring in your step.


Glowing skin

We all want to wake up feeling like our skin is glowing. Hydration is one of the most important things for glowing skin, as staying hydrated also helps our skin to keep its elasticity and prevents it from drying out. At the same time, you will be flooding your body with a rich assortment of vitamins & minerals that help to give you your glow. Our kombucha and waters are a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day!


Can I exercise on a cleanse?

Listen to your body whilst on a cleanse. As your caloric intake will be limited a vigorous HIIT workout may not be your friend, and you may feel less than optimal. If you feel like exercising then go for it, but if not then give your body a rest for a few days and engage in some gentle stretches and light walking.

Can I eat normally after my cleanse?

You won’t be left feeling like you want to go back to your old naughty ways, your body will be feeling lighter, more energised and healthier. Enhance the benefits by following a plant-based diet with lots of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables where possible. 

What if I’m too hungry and need food?

Trust me, we are the first ones to admit we get hangry. A lot of our cleansers actually feel pretty full throughout the day, we make sure there’s enough juices throughout the day. The first day is usually the hardest but once you push through, it’s all up from there and you’ll experience that euphoric feeling. However, if you are needing a little something (no this is not permission to eat your favourite cafe lunch), grab a piece of fresh fruit or veg! 

How often should I cleanse?

The world really is your oyster! Some people like to do a 1-day cleanse once a week, others every few months and for some, it's a yearly thing. We think once a month is a great way to keep on track with your health goals, press RESET and give your body that extra boost. 

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your journey to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle today! Shop our juices here 

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