The Best Wellness Subscription Boxes

The best wellness boxes to rid yourself of the winter blues!

As the winter is creeping in, there are plenty of subscription boxes that serve as a lifesaver in beating the winter blues. Among countless numbers of these packaged services, wellness subscription boxes are taking the internet by storm – serving to make your lifestyle healthier. With products ranging from teas to plants, if you don't know where to start, this is the ultimate list of wellness subscription boxes, that you need!


1. Bird & Blend Tea Co. (Price starts at £7/month)

Steering away from traditional teas, Bird & Blend creates exciting and refreshing blends without compromising quality. In each monthly subscription box, you can expect three new blends which make up to 30 cups of tea. And whether you are caffeine-free, vegan, or prone to allergies, Bird & Blue has also got you covered with different tea clubs to subscribe from!


2. The Willoughby Book Club (Price starts at £29.99/month) 

Did you know that immersing yourself into books can lower stress levels and promote relaxation? Handpicked to match your reading preferences and interests, the Willoughby Book Club will beautifully gift wrap each book and send them to your doorstep every month. More importantly, not only do you get to be engrossed in reading by subscribing, you’re also donating one book to Book Aid International for every book purchased.


3. Lifebox (Price starts at £22.95/month)

If you love uncovering new snacks and drinks that are both nutritious and tasty, Lifebox is the subscription box for you. With the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle to their subscribers, you can also expect superfood sachets, seeds and nuts where the Lifebox team will provide recipes to incorporate such products into your everyday cooking!


4. Bloombox Club (Price starts at £17/month)

It should come as no surprise that there are many benefits with having plants around you – they can be great air purifiers and it is also said that it can instantly improve your mood. With the aim of sharing those benefits, Bloombox selectively sources their gorgeous plants and provides ‘care cards’ which teaches how to tend to each of the plants. In it for the gram? Well, you’re in luck because they take the aesthetics of their pots very seriously!


5. The Pip Box (Price starts at £20/month)

If you are thinking of switching to cruelty-free makeup but unsure where to start, The Pip Box is the ultimate beauty box that curates more than 5 ethical products for the price of £20 per month. You can expect the latest beauty trends from shimmering illuminators to hydrating moisturizers with the average value per box actually costing £49. It’s no doubt that this is great value for money!


6. Mindful Chef (Price starts at £6 per portion)

There are many food subscription boxes in the market, but Mindful Chef is simply the best one out there. Every single week, there are 16 new scrumptious meals that are suitable for people with various dietary needs. Ensuring that their suppliers comply to the highest ethical codes and that they never provide processed foods to customers, this recipe box is truly the best bang for your buck.

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