The Best Gym Classes In London To Kick Your Butt Into Shape

Being into fitness is so trendy these days! Long gone are the days when it wasn't cool to talk about your latest workout and long gone are the days when it was 'a thing' to have a gym membership at just one place. It's all about one-off classes at boutique gyms, and luckily, there's a new one that opens up almost every week in London!


Barry's Bootcamp

Go hard or go home! Barry's isn't for the faint-hearted but if you're up for some serious sweating, this class is for you! With their 4th location having just opened in SW1 (Victoria), as well as their well known East, West and Central locations, there's little excuse to not give this a try. You will love it, if you're already in good shape and aren't afraid of the trainers screaming at you! Alternating between the treadmill and weights, there isn't a moment to even think you're tired because before you know it the class has flown by! Our favourite trainers are George, Nicole, Faisal, Jay C and Jason! 

Word on the street is that a 1-hour Barry's class burns between 800-1,000 calories. 



Ditch the treadmill, ditch the bike and climb yourself fit on a VersaClimber at Sweat by BXR. This full body climbing workout burns more calories than running but comes with a lot less body stress. Yeah, you might feel like a bit of a t*t when you climb on the 75-degree vertical beam with handles and foot pedals that you push and pull repeatedly, however, the dark room and loud music helps mask the initial scepticism and once the class is in full swing, you feel almost powerful.

Expect to burn around 500 calories in a 45 minute class depending on how hard you try! 


Another Space Gym Review

One of London's most hip fitness boutiques, Another Space really is, very cool and the Cycle 45 class has some of the toughest cycle choreography you'll ever experience. The bikes are very close together but if you don't mind touching sweaty elbows with your neighbour though then it's fine. Around halfway through, there's a short weight lifting session, however, there were only lightweights on the bike so it's very easy to keep up. That said, there is something about spinning that always makes you feel good after; the music, the lighting, everyone moving in sync - it just works!  

There are no readings on the bikes at Another Space so it is hard to know the calories, speed and resistance. They've just opened their new studio in Bank and it's so chic! If you prefer HIIT, Another Space's classes are a combination of boxing and floor work, which is one of the best around.  


Gymbox review

Tri-lactic is designed to optimise all three corners of your physical fitness. It focuses on, as the name suggests, your lactic energy system. You work in teams of three, through three stations - one strength, one self-powered cardio and one agility. You've got to be on the ball for this class because not only do you rotate stations but each station has different exercises in it. 

Although there's only around 25 minutes or so of 'hardcore' exercise, you'll definitely feel like you've done a proper workout! 


Frame Gym

Frame is fast taking over London with its fun and feel-good approach to gym classes. Expect a series of low-intensity fat-burning intervals using resistance bands and Pilates balls, the class' focus is on perfecting your ballerina posture. Once you’ve nailed the moves, you really start to notice the benefits of the small, pulsing reps that are designed to work your body to fatigue. 

This is a fun class for anyone who wants to try something a little more graceful (and a lot less sweaty) than a HIIT workout. 



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