Plant-based meal plan for beginners

Here’s Our 7-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan For Total Beginners

Looking to transition to healthy plant-based eating, but not sure where to start?

Maybe you were inspired by the meat-free Mondays campaign, or you’ve heard that plant-based eating can help combat stressWhatever the reason, coming up with easy ways to include more fruits, vegetables and wholegrains in your plant-based diet is the key to staying healthy and satisfied on a plant-based diet. 

Cooking during the week can be tricky, so we’ve created an easy weekend meal plan to help kickstart your plant-based journey. All of our juices, meals, snacks and soups are dietician approved, packed full of healthy ingredients and can be heated up or served straight away. 

Make meal prep a thing of the past with our healthy weekend meal plan. Simply choose your favourites and order them online. We’ll deliver them straight to your door. 

What Is A Plant-Based Diet?

A plant-based diet is based on foods that come from plants with few or no ingredients that come from animals. This includes vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits.


Veggie chilli

Friday nights are made for chilling - and chilli! Our fully plant-based Chilli Sin Carne is simple to make. Just heat it up, and enjoy a rich, healthy, well-balanced meal on the sofa. 


Whip up your favourite smoothie and add our delicious PRESS Morning Ritual Organic Smoothie Blend , or simply add water for the perfect start to your Saturday. This clean and dietician-approved blend is packed full of protein and Omega-3 fatty acid for muscle growth and maintenance, as well as normal blood cholesterol. 

Fancy a lazier morning? Grab a PRESS Banana M*lkshake for a healthy-but-feels-indulgent treat on the go.


Noodle salad

For a quick, healthy plant-based lunch, try the PRESS Korean Gochu-Jang Noodles, made with a spicy gochujang sauce and plant-based chick’n. It’s ideal if you’re on the go, or simply want to enjoy delicious flavours in minutes. 

For more lunchtime inspiration, check out these five healthy lunch ideas 


Green risotto

Everyone loves a leisurely Italian dinner on a Saturday night, and our Spring Greens Risotto meal keeps it light and creamy, while keeping you full for longer. Filled with nutrient-rich green vegetables, it also swaps the classic risotto rice with pearl barley for lower GI and higher iron and fibre. 

Having friends over? Our recipe for high-protein salted-peanut blondies makes for a decadent finish to a meal.


If you fancy something sweet instead, check out our vegan pancake recipe, featuring our berry smoothie 

In recovery from a wild weekend? Finish your breakfast with an immunity-boosting Vitamin D or Vitamin C shot 


Mixed-veg curry

Want fresh, flavourful curry without the effort? Try the PRESS Thai Green Chick’n Curry or PRESS Keralan Coconut Curry. It’s the perfect end to the weekend, with delicious flavours and a dish packed full of veggies for a vitamin hit, ready to hit the ground running on Monday. 

Serve our curry meals with a PRESS Original Kombucha a tangy taste that works perfectly with curry.

Plant-based eating made easy 

With our new range of fresh and healthy plant-based meals, you can get all the protein, fibre and nutrients you need - and the delicious flavours you want - for lunch and dinner without any effort. High-protein, low-calorie and using a unique vacuum-seal technology, our plant-based meals maintain all their nutrients for up to 60 days, so you can order with confidence and eat them when you like. 

Check out the PRESS plant-based meal range and place your home-delivery order here.

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