The gut health movement is on the up, and we couldn't be happier to see more and more brands, pop-ups and restaurants taking care of our tummies that bit easier - and more delicious! As well as finding the right balance of macro and micronutrients for our individual lifestyles, it’s vital that we are regularly dosing ourselves up with enough pre and probiotics to keep our digestive systems in good stead. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up our go-to places in the city where gut health is taken very seriously - they're pretty yummy on the taste buds too!

High mood food
High mood food

High Mood Food is the brainchild of holistic coach Ursel Barnes and culinary fermentation expert Joey O’Hare. Nestled behind bustling Oxford Street, this gut loving haven has every tummy friendly box ticked. From house-made sauerkraut and kimchi through to their signature High Bowls packed with prebiotic + probiotic heroes (hello tempeh falafel!), High Mood Food is paving the way for the ‘slow food fast’ movement in London. Their ‘High Flyer’ tonics include a beetroot infused number and a super cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse spiked with local honey - FYI they pair very well with their signature desserts, all of which are low sugar too. Chestnut flour brownie anyone?


PRESS London Store
PRESS | Gut boosting cafes

Co-founded by Ed Foy, PRESS pride themselves on delivering nutritious food that nourishes your body. They are well known for their Juice Cleanse and Soup Cleanse programmes that are designed to give your digestive system a break from chewing on solid food but if you are looking something to grab and go, their Honey Nut porridge, Protein Warrior shake or Tomato, Cashew & Basil soup are wholesome and delicious!


Leon Food
Leon | Gut boosting cafe

Leon’s collaboration with Dr Megan Rossi brought gut health goodness to the masses and is set to continue with true taste. From kefir smoothies to probiotic rich salads, it’s amazing to see a high street chain raise awareness of the importance of health being an ‘inside-out’ job. Kombucha also makes a welcome appearance to the menu, offering busy Londoners the chance to give their tummies an extra dose of love in amongst the daily grind.

Fermented by Lab Food
Fermented by Lab | gut boosting cafe

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and for good reason - who doesn't love a monthly delivery of the hottest eats, drinks and treats in the wellness world? Fermented by LAB have taken it to the next level with their boxes, offering a month’s worth of seasonal and raw fermented foods to support gut health. Every delivery switches it up between three jars of different ferments like kimchi and pickles to help you add a little probiotic power to every meal, as well as three different drinks including kefir.




Aish Shah, is a yogi and lover of movement in any shape or form. Nothing makes her happier than prospects of exploring new pastures accompanied by loved ones, undoubtedly indulging in local delicacies along the way. She's a firm believer that most problems can be solved by a good long stroll and a strong cup of matcha.

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