In Conversation With Caroline Chappell: Let's Talk About The F Word

We spoke to Caroline Chappell about all things fertility, or should we say infertility. 1 in 7 UK couples suffer with infertility issues but unfortunately it is not spoken about enough. 

When young women tell someone we're not sure if we'll be able to have kids, or that we don’t know what our fertility looks like now, nor will we in five years’ time, we aren't always looking for advice or even sympathy, because who’s to say what’s in the illustration of our future?

All we want is for someone to tell us our confusion is warranted, our forward-thinking legitimate, that, even though things may work out in exactly the way they are meant to, it’s okay to be riddled with worry now. That as a young woman not yet ready to have a child, we are allowed to be vocal about the fear of a day we may be ready, but our body decides we are not.

In this episode, we challenged the taboos and debunked the myths around fertility and issues getting pregnant. Here is a little snippet of our conversation about the struggles that come with (in)fertility but check out the full video below:


How did you deal with others always asking about your plans to have a baby?

"People would always expect me to be next. For a long time I didn't share what I was going through but it got to a point where I felt like the truth would set me free. By me being honest opened up conversations with other people. When I started sharing my difficulties it stopped people asking but also allowed me to get incredible amounts of support from others who had experienced it."


What is your advice to those going through the IVF journey right now?

"Stay as positive as you can, but also know that is okay to have a cry, eat chocolate and feel all of the feelings. You don't know how long the journey will be so don't put your entire life on pause. You've got to live your life too."



You can find Caroline on Instagram @marriedand29ishHave you caught up on the previous episode of our 'In Conversation With' series where we speak about the struggles of acne.

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