In Conversation With Emma Campbell: Coping With Acne In An Instagram Perfect World

This episode of In Conversation With... is with Emma Campbell, content creator and blogger. For those who have been suffering alone and been covering up from the start, hearing this chat with Emma will be really insightful and hopefully make you feel a little less alone. Emma shares her own journey as well as skin care advice, foods and products that can help, and everything in between. 


Fast forward to 2020 and there has been a rise of skin positivity accounts and bare-faced bloggers speaking out about their journey with acne. Adult acne is not something that you should be ashamed of and it is treatable!


Here is a snippet of our conversation but check out the full conversation below:

In a picture perfect Instagram world, do you think people are made to feel embarrassed about their acne?

 "Attitudes are changing but for so many years people thought social media and Instagram wasn't a place where you could show your acne because everyone on there was so flawless and had the 'Instagram makeup' so there was a severe lack of honest posts. Social media can be an escape route for people suffering with acne because they can put makeup on, put a filter on and feel better about themselves."


 What advice would you give to people suffering from acne right now?

 "Find out what the root cause is and if you can see a doctor or dermatologist, do get tests. On the other hand, sometimes there isn't a reason you get acne but you can do things like improve your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Cleansing your skin, switching your skin care routine, washing pillows, not wearing heavy makeup and reducing stress can work wonders."


You can find her on Insta @byemmacampbell or visit her website

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