As winter approaches and there are close to zero opportunities for hosting a BBQ outside - dinner parties take centre stage. Whether you make a gourmet feast for 20 friends or just invite your besties over for a chilled one, the pressure and responsibility of hosting can be daunting; especially when it's your turn to do the cooking!

Even if you're Jason Atherton or are more comfortable prepping a communal Pot Noodle, remember, good music, a few well-placed gimmicks, a killer outfit and good lighting go a long way. 

Welcome your guests style

First impressions count! So don your Christmas hat and have ones for your guests at the ready. The minute anyone walks through your door, have drinks and nibbles to hand before they even cross the threshold! If you're popping a bottle of something sparkly, try coating the rim with edible gold dust? 'Tis the season after all!

Throw a killer party

Sound, light and sex

Firstly, let's talk lighting daaarling... There is a reason that serious bars and restaurants spend small fortunes on lighting consultants... It can define a space and turn a room from a doctor's waiting room into a fireside log cabin.

Side lighting is better (avoid harsh downlights), a string or two of Christmas lights and come candles can bring warmth and cosiness to the party.

Short of getting out a dusty set of Technics 1210s (apparently that's a thing), why not try a Dennis Kruissen 1hr+ playlist on Soundcloud. They are upbeat, cool and you can even take credit for the amazing mix.

Saying goodbye is always the hardest part but if you are in the mood to take the gang on, make sure you have already made a plan and have the Ubers on the way (nothing worse than losing momentum). However, if the guests are headed home, have some adult party bags with something naughty in there... They may leave thinking you have a members card at a Soho sex shop, but at least they will remember you! 

Let the games begin

Dinner party games are a great part of the night providing you don't have a couple of misery friends who won't play (note to self... they won't be at the next event).

For inspiration, look at Adult Dinner Party Games at queen-of-theme-party-games although it's up to you to set the tone for "Ask Me About"...

You don't have to request that people bring their own booze but it's definitely ok to ask them, to avoid any confusion on the topic. 

A good way of making things a little more fun is if you prescribe a cocktail for each person and they bring the ingredients and mix them for the group. 

For the non-drinkers, Seedlip is an awesome non-alcoholic gin which works perfectly in a Gin and Tonic and Becks Blue for beer is always easy. 

Now onto the big one... the food! 

Dinner party recipes

Always have enough and never overcomplicate (unless you have the skills). Keep things simple and remember that dessert is key to finishing with a flourish.

What you serve will probably play on your mind whilst arranging this whole ordeal. You could cook a roast dinner, everyone loves it and it's not rocket science. 


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