How To Detox In Just 24 Hours

Reset and feel great in just 1 day...

Why Should I Detox my Body?

Whether you’re partied out or are simply feeling sluggish and flat, the best way to supercharge your system can be with a 24-hour detox. Not only do you push the reset button, but you also receive a stark reminder of just how healthy your body can feel when it’s fed healthy foods and is well hydrated.

Our One Day Detox Regime

6.30am - Wake up with a ginger super shot to give you a natural energy boost. Some like to add to hot water for an Autumnal warmer.

7am - Mornings can be the best time of day to incorporate a little meditation. Research shows that people online spend at least 1-3 hours scrolling through social media, most of which begins as soon as we wake up. Not only does this cloud our thoughts but has been shown to decrease mental health and increase anxiety. Calm the mind with simple meditation and prepare yourself for a successful day ahead.

8-9am - Feel smug that you’ve eaten your greens by 9am with an Easy Green Juice! Leafy greens provide a source of plant-based iron which fights fatigue and the accompanying lemon aids with absorption of iron from the gut.

10-11am - Mid-morning, and it’s time for Clean Carrot make your skin glow. The bright orange colour of carrots comes from their high content of a special antioxidant called beta-carotene which precursor to vitamin A, an essential nutrient needed for the production of healthy skin cells. This critical vitamin can also help to keep our skin firm and healthy and without it, our skin can become dry.

11-12pm - Get active! Exercise can be just what our body needs to boost blood flow. Take things easy whilst on the 24-hour detox, a brisk power walk can boost the heart rate without overexerting yourself.

12-1pm - Enjoy a warm bowl of creamy roast tomato soup which is nourishing and warming. The bright red pigment comes from an antioxidant called lycopene, which is currently under research for supporting a healthy heart. A great source of fibre and low in saturated fat yet bursting with flavour - you can’t go wrong!

2-3pm - Simple stretches mid-afternoon are key, to keeping energy high and feeling at the top of our game. 

4-5pm - Refresh with Water + Blue Spirulina. Dehydration can result in low energy, headaches, poor memory and lack of concentration. This hydrator is the perfect way to get you back in the game.

7-8pm - Enjoy a dinner of Glow Soup. Full of vitamin A and turmeric to support immune function and aid with skin glow.

9pm - Wind down with a Vanilla Nut M*lk and add a little lavender spray to your pillow before enjoying a restful nights sleep.




(Last updated on 18/05/2022)

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