Finished Your Cleanse & Feeling Great, Here's How You Maintain Your Progress

The benefits you feel from a PRESS cleanse are endless but do you ever wonder why you’re not continuing this feeling of euphoria into your everyday life?! 

Well we have exciting news! You asked and we listened. We are so excited to launch our DAILY BUNDLES which include a selection of our green juices. Now there really is no excuse to be living that health kick life every day. 

Green juice specifically can help decrease the toxins in your body! This is because phytochemicals in the juice protect cells from damage that can lead to diseases and infections. The juices included contain a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are invaluable for those suffering from pain or inflammation of any kind. 

Do you struggle to get enough fruits and vegetables? A juice a day is a fun and creative way to meet your nutrition goals. Our juices contribute to 1 (sometimes more) of your 5 a day and contain so many vitamins and minerals needed for your body and mind to thrive at an optimal level. Cold-pressed juices are the best on the market because they contain the highest nutritional value from their juices, and last for a longer period of time. 

The beauty of our daily bundle is that you can make them fun and creative by trying one of our delicious recipes. Keep your eyes peeled for the many recipes coming your way this month. You could bulk them up with extra fibre, vitamins and minerals to make a more substantial breakfast or snack. Smoothie bowl every day? It’s a yes from us!

Having a fresh, nutrient-dense juice daily means more hydration and a lot less sodium from some of the alternatives you’ve probably been having. With our daily bundles, you’ll notice that your body won't carry as much water. Not only will you finish your cleanse feeling lighter and less bloated but every day these positive effects will continue. 

Let’s talk about caffeine! We get it...Grab your morning latte as soon as you open your eyes and you feel good to go. I hate to break it to you but this really isn’t what is actually happening inside your body. Juicing is a fabulous way to feel more energised without reliance on caffeinated drinks. Our green juices contain a tremendous amount of B vitamins which are the most important vitamins for energy production. When you purchase our Daily Bundle, you have the choice of SEVEN juices to swap your morning coffee with. 

You might get a bit of a headache the first day but push through and you’ll thank us later. Let the team know how you get on!

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