PRESS' Favourite Restaurants In Soho

Soho is, without doubt, one of the best and most diverse places to dine out in central London, there's literally a restaurant on every single street!

With the PRESS office being located in the heart of this food haven, we asked everyone in the office to share their favourite dinnertime restaurants (and the best dish to order). 

*BTW, we may be a health and wellness company, but we believe in a Life in Balance... and well, we love our food.

Let's get to it: 

Evelyn's Table | Hoppers - Best Soho Restaurants

Andrew Edmunds

Weirdly, as it sounds very unassuming, but their purple sprouting broccoli with vinaigrette as a starter. They change their menu daily and it's always seasonal and delicious with a focus on fab ingredients.  

Evelyn's Table 

A new addition to my fave list! Part of the Palomar group, at the bottom of The Blue Posts Pub (great place for a drink/awesome cocktails). The menu changes regularly and only 12 seats available where you watch the chefs cook in front of you and let them explain what to have. Fish is their stand out -  and they made us an off the menu dish with their catch of the day! The Tarte Tatin is also insaneeeee. 

IGL - Commercial Partnerships Executive 

Kettners Townhouse | Duck and Rice - Best Soho Restaurants

Duck & Rice 

For an indulgence -  get the Aromatic Crispy Duck and Chicken with Cashew - it's like Chinese that doesn’t make you feel bad after… 

Kettner's Townhouse 

It's recently re-opened and it's lush! A really good place for cocktails as there's a live pianist playing in the bar. The food was also delicious; I had chicken with the crispiest skin (yum), served with truffle and potato. 

GP - Product Development


Mele e Pere - Best Soho Restaurants

Mele e Pere

The truffle gnocchi was my fave but not sure they do it anymore... can we use this article to get them to bring it back? Hahaha. 

HA - Commercial Manager

Palomar | Barrafina - Best restaurants in London


I know, I know, this is borderline Soho, but it deserves a mention. Quite possibly the best counter dining experience in town - expect a Jerusalem-style menu. I highly recommend the polenta, flavoured with chopped mushrooms, truffle oil and parmesan. Mouth watering as I mention. 


I remember the old days where queues snaked down Frith St. Since then, they've opened more sites, however queuing hasn't changed much. Padron Peppers, Tortilla, and Octopus with capers! These are dishes that demand to be shared, talked about and fought over. Tapas at its best.

E. - Head of Digital

Yauatcha | Best Soho Restaurants


I love little bites of different dishes, it saves FOMO from what other people have ordered when all dishes are for sharing. My favourites are the spicy pork Szechuan wonton with peanuts and roasted duck pumpkin puff with pine nuts! They are ridiculously good.

CP - Senior Marketing Manager

Mildreds - Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant | Best Soho Restaurants


My favourite place to eat in Soho is Mildred’s. I’ve even bought my mum the recipe book in the hope that she will dish out some of our favourites whenever I go home. It’s busy, but you can get a seat quickly if you want to stay, or if you order a takeaway it will be ready in less than ten minutes. 

If I’m eating in, I’ll often go for the Sri Lankan curry or the stir fry as my go-to favourites. Everything on the menu is vegetarian but it’s so packed with flavour, and the portion sizes are so decent that even if you aren’t usually that way inclined, you’ll leave satisfied. 
If I’m in a hurry I’ll go for the halloumi and aubergine burger - which is only £5 and still incredibly tasty, and if I want to really treat myself I’ll get their sweet potato fries with it as well for another £2.50. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced and the staff are really friendly. 

TV - Accounting Assistant

Hoppers - Best Soho Restaurants


The food is delicious and every time I go, I am reminded of my visit to Sri Lanka last year. With a relaxed atmosphere and nothing too fancy - I highly recommend the roti's and creative cocktails! There's usually a wait but you can leave your number and they call when your table is ready, so you can go to one of the many amazing Soho bars while you wait. Perfect!

MH - Business Development Executive

Bocca Di Lupo | Best restaurants in Soho

Bocca Di Lupo 

The Baccala - home salted cod and Fazzoletti with broad beans, puree and pecorino are the best. 

OP - Graphic Designer

Tamarind Kitchen | Best Soho Restaurants

Tamarind Kitchen 

The Alleppey fish curry - South Indian tilapia fish curry flavoured with tamarind, mustard and curry leaves. 

AR - Commercial Partnerships Executive

Polpo - Best Soho restaurants


Simple Italian sharing plates, but delicious! You can't go wrong with any of their dishes but my favourites are their arancini and the Zucchini, basil and parmesan salad.

KW - Head of Finance

Andrew Edmunds

I love this restaurant as it has the perfect cosy atmosphere. Situated in a Georgian townhouse in the heart of Soho, it has a rustic and homely vibe. This discrete and personal restaurant only seats a handful of people, so it may be worthwhile getting there early to secure your spot. Their handwritten menu changes on a daily basis and serves a mix of delicious and traditional English Food.

LS - In-house Nutritionist  

What are your favourites? Recommend us something by commenting below.


Chloe Palmer, Editor, @chloe.palmer_

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