December Drinking Guide

Things that are guaranteed every Christmas: I’m going to fall asleep on the sofa, I’m going to eat too many pigs in blankets, and I’m going to regret drinking that much red wine…

This years been a real eye opener for me though. Having completed a strong Stop-tober, signed up to F45 and generally just looked after myself some more, I’ve been thinking about how I can get through the festive period, having as much fun but not feeling awful for it afterwards. But let's face it, December is dedicated to drinking. Apparently, as a nation, we drink around 40% more in December than any other month. With this in mind, here's our drinking guide to surviving the festive season.

1. Be Fussier - Buy Better Wine

Bear with me on this one. Have you ever signed up to a gym or a course that’s costing more than you’d usually pay as an incentive to make sure you’re committing to it? What if we treated what we drink like that… Rather than an £8.00 bottle of wine, I’m going to buy £16.00 bottles, and I’m going to buy less. That way I’m going to actually savour the taste, and appreciate it rather than mindlessly consuming calories.

2. You're Parched? - Drink More Water

This is simple - if you’re filling your body with toxins, you’ve got to flush it out with something. Drinking water is going to help your body get through all the alcohol, so if you want to avoid hangovers keep hydrated.

Drink better wine this christmas

3. Don't Be Sucked In - Reduce Your Sizes

If you’re like me, a lot of the time you’re at a bar with old friends and colleagues, and you want a drink in your hand just for the sake of it. Try reducing the sizes of your beverage (much easier for wine and spirits!) You’ve still got a glass in your hand, it’s just got less in it. And... don't do shots! Everyone will think you're boring but at least you won't wake up with Ben/Claire from Finance in the morning.

4. Don't Run On Empty - Decent Fat Content

This is obvious news, but so often ignored. If you're going to be heading out, don't do so on an empty stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach can overload the liver and cause inflammation. Most alcohol absorption takes place in the stomach and by having a little bite to eat beforehand notably slows the absorption, which means your bloodstream won't get flooded with alcohol. Try to eat something like avocado, salmon and cheese, whilst also snacking during the evening. Fats increase satiety and also slow down gastric emptying.

5. Own Your Hangover - Charcoal Lemonade

Honestly, this hydrating elixir is our go-to hangover fixer. It's the perfect balance of sweet with the 'zing' of lemon. The added hint of Lavender really snaps you out of feeling sorry for yourself the morning after...

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