the press wellness council

Introducing the new PRESS Wellness Council. We’ve brought together experts from multiple fields of science, medicine, nutrition and wellness. We’ll be working together to learn more about nutrition, how it effects each of us differently and evolving our products and services using an evidence-based approach so you can make the best decisions for your own health journey.

Our Founder Ed sat down with each expert to learn more about their area of expertise. Watch below!

GP & cosmetic doctor

Dr Jane Leonard

Dr Jane Leonard is a GP and cosmetic doctor, who you may recognise as one of the resident doctors on Channel 4’s recent flagship TV show, Embarrassing Bodies.

Nutritional specialist & health coach

Kelly Mulhall

Kelly is a science based nutritional therapist and health coach as well as a yoga & meditation teacher. She uses natural methods to positively balance physical and mental wellbeing.

transformational life coach

Naomi Buff

Naomi is an Integrative Holistic Wellbeing Expert. With over a decade of experience. She works with individuals, groups and corporates, to inspire one change and create a ripple effect of infectious, simple, healthy habits that are easy to implement and maintain.

functional nutritional therapist

Georgie Murphy

Georgie is a fully registered, London-based nutritionist, offering personalised consultations and tailor-made nutrition plans to clients across the globe.

Gut health nutritional therapist

Tracey Randell

Tracey Randell is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and an IFM Certified Practitioner who uses Functional Medicine in her practice. She specializes in gut-related issues, particularly IBS, and believes in looking for the root cause of the disease in the whole body.