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Healthy eating made simple

From £19 per day

✔ Lose up to 1kg per week*
✔ Improve gut health
✔ Reset healthy habits
✔ Improve sleep & skin health
✔ Nutritionist designed

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What People Say.

A meal plan like no other.

● All of your nutrition morning to night
● Calorie controlled from 1250 - 1750 kCal per day
● Fits flexibly around your lifestyle
● Pause your plan whenever you need

How it Works.

Step 1

Use our calorie calculator to find your perfect plan.

Step 2

Choose your plan duration based on your goals and add any booster & add-ons

Step 3

Select your start date and receive weekly deliveries.

Step 4

Track your progress with weekly self-assessments emailed to you.

A level to suit you

Discover the perfect length plan that suits you so that you can hit your health goals.

With a calorie deficit per day you can achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

As featured in.

Included with selected plans

Staying on track and measuring progress

We believe in getting your body into a healthy balance. Use your free Withings Smart Scales and track your progress:

✔ Visceral fat index
✔ Body fat percentage
✔ Metabolic age
✔ Overall muscle mass

Withings Scales included on 4+ Week plans

Included with selected plans

Understand your bloods overall health indicators

We have partnered with Vitl to help you to understand your key health factors with a free finger-prick test.

✔ Vitamin levels
✔ Cholesterol levels
✔ Iron & Magnesium

Vitl Blood test included on 8+ Week plans

Start Your Health Transformation Today.

And lose up to 12kg on the PRESS plan whilst naturally boosting your health through the power of plant based nutrition.

Use code PRESSPLAN15 and save 15% on 4+ week plans


    What if I get hungry?

    We've worked with nutritionists to make sure you're getting all of the right macronutrients, but if you feel you need something extra, a snack won't negatively impact your end result. Opt for a handful of nuts for a fibre- filled snack.

    Can I cancel or pause my plan?

    You can pause your plan, you will need to tell us 48 hours before delivery is due if you need any changes made. You can cancel your PRESS plan at any time, however fees apply for certain plans, please see full T&Cs for further details.

    I have an allergy, is the PRESS plan still right for me?

    Our plans contain gluten and nuts. Please reach out to our customer services team if you wish to discuss your options and if we can make suitable substitutes. Contact us here.

    How does the PRESS plan help with weight loss?

    If weight loss is your health goal, a recomended 500 calorie deficit per day is a healthy and sustainable way. Sticking to this daily calorie deficit can result in up to 1kg lost per week.

    How do I receive the free add-ons?

    All 4+ week plans will receive a set of Withings Smart Scales, these will be delivered separately from Withings during week 1 of your plan.

    All 8+ week plans will receive your Vitl Blood Test kit as part of your week 5 delivery.

    All 12+ week plans will receive an email in week 9 of the plan to book your nutritionist consultation.

More Questions? Our friendly customer service team is always here to help

*based on the average body type and a moderately active lifestyle