Why Should I Juice Cleanse? Advice From A PRESS Cleanser

If you're still unsure about a juice cleanse, check out this advice from one of our lovely customers, who did the 3-day Virgin Cleanse.
"Obviously you lose weight but it's more about detoxing, treating your body to LOADS of fruit & veg and all the vitamins that come with it. It's great for mental health as it gave me a real boost to see something through and now I haven't had any cravings for sweet things or caffeine for the past 2 days. I've just eaten so SO well because I don't want to undo all of the hard work"
"You literally just have the products PRESS give you throughout the day at the times you're told to and drink water in-between. This means no coffee or tea".
"I had a headache to begin with but other than that I found it really quite enjoyable. Everyone is different, but I think the idea of a cleanse seems a lot more daunting than the cleanse itself. My neighbour LOVES doing her PRESS cleanse but her husband finds it challenging, it depends on a few factors. Since finishing, I've just felt so good and motivated. It was like a giant reset."
"Yes the products really are so delicious, I looked forward to my Vanilla Nut Milk in the evening so much! They actually are a lot more filling than you'd think, on the last day I think my stomach had shrunk a bit and I actually totally forgot I was due a juice".
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