In Conversation With Venetia La Manna: Is Vegan The Most Sustainable Diet?

We are on a mission to encourage people to eat more plants and consider the environment when they go shopping. We know why a plant-based diet is the most sustainable, but do you?!

Venetia La Manna, Sustainability Activist, provided her top vegan hacks and answered some important questions that may be on your mind too. 

How does our diet affect the planet?

"Research suggests as high as 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the food industry"

Here are some figures you need to know about:

  • One-third of the food we produce is wasted.
  • To produce one beef burger, approximately 1700L of water is required.
  • 80% of agricultural land is committed to farming animals, land which could be repurposed and used more efficiently to grow crops.
  • Meat protein production has a relative environmental effect of up to 17 times more for land use, up to 26 times more water required and up to 20 times more fossil fuels than soy protein production.

What is being saved by going vegan?

"Go vegan and you will save the lives of 30 animals and 33,000 litres of water"

This is the equivalent to the amount of water you would drink over 2 months!


 Do you have any advice for living more sustainably?

Venetia say's:

 "If you’re in need of fruit and veg that’s not necessarily in season, frozen is a good, affordable and planet friendly option as most of this produce was picked fresh and then frozen immediately, so it retains all its nutrients"


"If you can, use a refill station if there’s one near you, or pick the ones in cardboard packaging which is easier to recycle and will reduce on plastic"


If this hasn't made you have a little think September is the month for self-improvement and self-growth! Challenge yourself to 30 days of plant-based eating. We’ve got you covered with a huge selection of meals, soups, juices and smoothies. 

Check out Venetia's Instagram for more amazing and inspiring content.

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