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The products you need for a summer detox 

Whether summer means holidays, staycations, or just better weather, warm long summer days invite us to go outside and enjoy being in our bodies. This season presents an opportunity to...

Whether summer means holidays, staycations, or just better weather, warm long summer days invite us to go outside and enjoy being in our bodies. This season presents an opportunity to review our lifestyle and figure out what is working for us and what isn’t. 

We’ve been browsing Instagram, seeing yoga on jungle terraces, delicious juices and healthy food and imagining the smell of the salt air. But there’s no need to travel far for a rejuvenating week of self-care. You can create the same vibe in your house. 

We’ve rounded up some products to help create the same feeling in your home, whenever you want it – so you’re prepared for your own adventures. 

PRESS summer detox plan

There’s no need to buy a juicer, splurge on an expensive blender or fill your shopping trolley with  fruits and veggies you aren’t sure you’ll use. Avoid waste and the hassle of meal planning, food preparation, portion control, and cleaning up the inevitable mess from juicing by trying one of our new summer detox plans. We deliver your ready-to-eat food straight to your door, at a frequency that suits you. Expect a range of our soups, juices, meals and snacks, including our fragrant Keralan Coconut Curry and nourishing Morning Greens Smoothie. These plans are designed to keep you nourished and full, plus they’re plant-based and full of protein. Try our Summer Detox Builder and adjust your plan to suit your lifestyle. 

Air purifier

Make it easier for your body to do its job by buying an air purifier; a godsend if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or want to improve the quality of that invisible thing you are inhaling every day. For a splurge, we love the Dyson Purifier Cool™ Autoreact.  It captures dust, allergens and the H1N1 virus, removing 99.95% of pollutants. A good budget alternative is Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B Clean Air Compact Air Purifier with Touch Control, suitable for purifying the air in a small room. 

Workout clothes

Right now we love BAM’s sustainable workout wear. Made with bamboo, their yoga pants and tops feel luxuriously soft – and are great for allergy prone skin. Bamboo is said to absorb five times more carbon than hardwood trees, and needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre. It can be grown without irrigation or pesticides. What’s more, bamboo fabric stays fresher longer than synthetic fabrics too, meaning you leave the gym smelling better. We love their Grace Bamboo Yoga Pants, cool on and off the mat. Pair them with a Balance Bamboo Seamless Crop Top and you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of a yoga retreat in Bali. 

Water bottle

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated. According to the Eatwell Guide, we should be drinking around 6 - 8 glasses of water every day. Black + Blum make drinking water more interesting. Their EAU Good Glass bottle is stylish and sustainable. The hand-blown glass vessel is BPA free, and the Japanese Binchotan charcoal naturally filters your tap water, adding minerals and removing impurities. Binchotan, also referred to as “white charcoal”, is thought to have been introduced to Japan by a monk and scholar, Kukai, around 1,200 years ago. It is used for cooking and the highest grade of charcoal you can get. 

Health tracker

Described by many reviewers as “a game changer”, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a multifunctional smart watch: it’s a music player, calorie counter, and health tracker. It offers insights about your breathing, sleep and stress, as well as motivating training plans and all the smartwatch features you’ve come to expect. You can wear it running or in the pool or ocean - it’s swimproof! It comes in pink, black and grey. The in-built pedometer will also have you walking more, to beat your personal weekly average. 

Water purifier

Many of us live in places with subpar water. Whether it’s hard or chlorinated, a good water purifier can improve water quality, making it healthier and taste better. Touted as the best Reverse Osmosis filter in the world, the Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System produces ambient (room temperature), warm, or hot water near boiling point, instantly. It replaces your kettle meaning time saved brewing your tea or coffee, and healthier, better tasting water whenever you need it. 

Add detoxing to your everyday life and make the most of the summer with these fantastic products. To detox from the inside out, try our Summer Detox Plan and enjoy glowing skin, healthy hair and the healthiest you yet.

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