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The Best Healthy Restaurants In London

How many of us are trying to eat more healthily, go to the gym, cut back the alcohol? Don't let it stop you from having fun or enjoying a night out. These restaurants are practically guilt-free!

Still aboard that healthy train? Trying to eat more healthily, go to the gym, cut back the alcohol... many of us make the same promises to ourselves year after year, but keeping a healthier lifestyle in a city that’s known for its buzzing nightlife and vibrant restaurant scene can be tough unless you know where to go…

Whether you're vegan or vegetarian, Ethos really takes the biscuit on vegetarian dishes and you honestly don't miss meat at all. The way Ethos works is simple; grab a plate, fill it with freshly made food from the buffet selection and take it to the till to be weighed - just be careful not to get too excited and overfill your plate as it can get pricey. Ethos has close to 20 different dishes to choose from, some of my favourites include Springtime Scotch Egg, Chickpea and Coconut Curry, and Apple and Fennel Salad with Caramelised Pistachios.

As if the kitchen wasn’t busy enough, Ethos also serves breakfast and afternoon tea, where you can indulge in refined-sugar free cakes, topped with cashew cream and totally guilt-free.


Farmer J | The best healthy restaurants in London

The ‘Fieldtray’ may remind you of something you once had at school, with separate compartments for each dish, but Farmer J promises fresh, healthy and delicious food at respectable prices - and it does exactly that. Step 1: Select your main; Grilled Miso Chicken, Charred Flank Steak, Turkey Meatballs or Charred Tofu Steak (this list continues). Step 2: Add your grains or leaves; Baby Spinach, Brown Rice or Field Grains. Step 3: Choose two sides; Roasted Sweet Potato, Grilled Broccoli or Roasted Roots… is your mouth watering yet? Step 3: Eat!

That’s just lunch and dinner, fast forward to breakfast and there’s an extensive menu boasting super smoothies, poached egg breakfast pots and peanut butter flatbreads. So whether you’re looking to dine in or grab a bite on-the-go, Farmer J is ready to cater to your January needs and better yet, it won’t break the bank.


Farmacy | The best healthy restaurants in London

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Farmacy offers an array of plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe. For all you meat eaters reading this, don’t be put off by the word ‘plant-based’. Farmacy believes that food is medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” For breakfast, why not try the Protein Omelette made with chickpeas, or the House Pancakes made with buckwheat flour. For lunch, dive into an Earth Bowl of sprouted rice, purple potatoes, guacamole and much more – and don’t forget to order a side of Truffled Mac’n’Cheese, it’s made with brown rice macaroni and it’s vegan, that makes it guilt free right?


Megan's | The best healthy restaurants in London

One of London's brunch spots south-west of the river! If brunch is your favourite meal then Megan’s is a place you want to head; serving up an all-day brunch menu featuring Baked Eggs Shakshorizo, Baked Courgette and Feta Rosti, and Megan’s take on a ‘Full English’. If you’re stopping for an evening meal, dine by fairy lights in Megan’s outside area - open all year round and great for a date night! Feast on the Mediterranean inspired grill with lamb kebabs, steaks, swordfish and sharing platters. 

Megan’s also offers BYOB on a Monday evening, with just £1 corkage. There are also different offers on throughout the week at both branches in Parsons Green and Fulham.


Redemption | The best healthy restaurants in London

‘Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ at Redemption Bar. Situated in West and East London, this raw, vegan restaurant serves up fresh, healthy, dishes and even raw desserts. Treat yourself to an alcohol-free cocktail, made with the world’s first distilled non-alcohol spirit, Seedlip, while you browse the adventurous menu. Have you ever had a curry made from Jackfruit? Here you can. They even threw some into the slaw too. For something a little heartier, go for a Buff Burger and then finish off with a raw, wheat-free, low-sugar slice of Banoffee Pie, or an activated charcoal martini… or both, who’s counting?! As the founders of the restaurant say, ‘the toughest decision you make is to come, and after that, you can’t make a bad decision for yourself or the planet.’


Manna | The best restaurants in London

One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in London, it celebrated its 50th-anniversary last year!
They have a fantastic selection of vegan dishes but we highly recommend the Buffalo Cauliflower Tostado and the Vegetable Tempura. Be aware that they serve generous portion sizes, so leave room for dessert!



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