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7 Meals Nutritionists Cook When They Don't Really Want To Cook

Easy and delicious food recipes you need to try!

If you cook a healthy dinner for yourself every night of the week, you're impressive. But if you find yourself searching for inspiration, then Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr has just the recipes for you to give a try! 

1. Omelette Obsession

I love the ease and satisfaction of a good omelette. It is filling, wholesome and diverse. All you need is a couple of eggs and you can pretty much chuck in anything you have hanging in the fridge. I often have frozen sliced peppers in my freezer, so I always chuck in a handful of these, any dark green leafy veg I have to hand, capers, sundried tomatoes and some dried spices such as oregano and chilli. It takes just ten minutes to whip up, and keeps me energised and full.


2. Easy-Peasy Stir Fries 

Stir fries are my go-to when I want something tasty, quick and nutritious. I will grab either some already pre-chopped stir fry veg, or grab the ingredients I want and roughly chop them into strips for stir frying. Instead of purchasing stir fry sauces, I make my own easy sauce which is a combination of lime juice, tamari, sesame oil and chopped garlic. For protein, I always keep a pack of tempeh in my fridge, and chuck it into the mix, or I will throw in a handful of cashews. When it comes to noodles, I love buckwheat noodles.


3. Beautifying Bone broth

If I fancy something warm and soothing, I always reach for soups and broths. I try to incorporate bone broth or miso broth at least once a week into my diet. Bone broth is packed full of collagen which is fantastic for your skin, and the gelatine in bone broth can help those who suffer with digestive issues, thanks to its ability to help restore the strength of the gut lining.

To make this into more of a substantial meal, I chuck in rice noodles, butter beans, chopped veggies, lots of herbs and cashews.


4. Bold Buddha Bowl

The key to creating a good buddha bowl is the dressing! If you want something quick, opt for raw veggies over-cooked. I always make sure I have some greens in there (kale/spinach/rocket), a variety of colour of the rainbow veg such as carrots, cabbage and peppers, complex carbohydrates (I love instant quinoa from ClearSpring) and fats (avocado or houmous). I like some crunch in my buddha bowls and salads, so will often sprinkle some seeds and nuts on top.  I then dress this with whatever dressing I fancy whipping up. I love a tahini miso dressing, which I batch make on the weekend and keep in the fridge. It’s a blend of tahini, sesame oil, lemon juice, white miso, powdered ginger and salt.


5. Brilliant Buckwheat Crepes

As a child, I grew up on French buckwheat galettes (crepes), filled with French cheeses or Nutella. Nowadays, I like to have them to hand to fill with delicious bits and pieces to make a wholesome but quick meal. I buy Reflets de France Buckwheat galettes as they are nutritious and versatile. Sometimes I top them with Mr Organic Passata, frozen chopped courgettes, black olives and grill them in the oven as an alternative to pizza. Other times I lightly heat them and stuff them with nush almond milk cream cheese, harissa, beetroot, rocket and pomegranate seeds, and eat them as wraps!


6. Sweet Potato & Houmous 

This is the easiest thing to make and absolutely delicious. As you can probably tell, I love homous and always have a pot in the fridge. My obsession at the moment is Daylesford’s Kalamata olive homous, as it is creamy and salty and utterly addictive! Pair this with the sweet and comforting flavour of a roasted sweet potato, and this is the ultimate healthy comfort food meal. I will pair this with a side salad to get my greens in and potentially add a sprinkle of chilli flakes for a kick!


7. 10-minute perfect pasta

When I cook for me and my fiancée, I try to take traditional classics and give them a punch of healthy! One of his favourite dishes is pesto pasta, so I find I make this dish at least once a week. Instead of white wheat pasta, I use brown rice pasta as it is nutritionally superior and is kinder on both our digestive systems. I always have a pot of vegan Meridian pesto to hand, and instead of using cheese, I use nutritional yeast which is a fantastic source of B vitamins for vegans and vegetarians.

I like to throw in some chopped cherry tomatoes and a handful of baby spinach leaves to make sure I am getting some veggies in there.  


Clarissa Lenherr is a London based, registered Nutritional Therapist who focuses on personalised, predictive, preventative and participatory nutrition so that you can reach the optimum YOU.

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