PRESS Reviews: From Cleanses to Diet Plans

Juice cleanses and diet plans may seem intimidating, but our beloved customers are here to prove that our programmes are not as terrifying as it appears! From the opinions of first time cleansers to green juice aficionados, here are the reasons why you should try PRESS products for yourself:


Virgin Juice Cleanse

Andrew W. Says... 

"I really thought I would struggle with this juice cleanse but I absolutely loved it. I didn’t feel hungry at any point and had a lot more energy than I normally do! I also felt in a much better head space, I lost 5lbs too which was a bonus - and it’s stayed off!"

Jade D. Says...

"I am a first time cleanser and this was perfect. I actually really enjoyed it and the benefits are incredible. I now plan for this to be part of my monthly routine!" 


Softcore Juice Cleanse

Nikki V. Says...

"I loved the concept being a mum of 2; it leaves me little time to cook the best foods for myself. The detox was easy and made me feel refreshed and exactly what I needed! It’s also made me reflect on my diet in general. I’m now juicing once a day and will detox with [PRESS] every couple of months..."

Catarina E. Says...

"It was my second juice cleanse from PRESS. And you really do feel amazing afterwards. The packaging in which juices came was really good as well - preserved them in fresh and chilled condition. I always recommend PRESS to all my friends. Because the result is worth the money."


Hardcore Juice Cleanse

Jackie H. Says...

"This was a very manageable juice cleanse. The drinks are tasty and whilst I was occasionally hungry, I was never starving. The real benefit for me was breaking the caffeine habit - I’ve not touched the stuff since. I also benefited from breaking a nasty sugar habit I’d recently picked up. I lost a few pounds but while they did go back on as soon as I started eating solids, the biggest benefit is re-setting the mind and body."

Kerstin M. Says...

"After several stressful months (which gave way to over indulgence!) the cleanse was the perfect solution to get back on track. The customer service at Press was outstanding, they promptly answered all my questions and were able to make sensible substitutions around my dietary restrictions. All of the juices were excellent - fresh, delicious and satisfying - highly recommended."


Diet Plans

Emma F. Says...

"I’ve almost done one week of this plan and am really enjoying it- for a few years now I’ve had stomach pain and this really seems to be helping. I have cheated a little bit, but the difference in my mood is so noticeable. I am looking forward to the remaining three weeks and would highly recommend this to everyone."

Ellie V. Says...

"I absolutely loved the programme! I lost 3kg, had noticeably more energy and gained a whole new perspective on a plant-based diet and how easy it is to make little changes to cut my meat intake."

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Image: Healthy Meal Plan - 1250 calories
1250 Calorie Diet Plan
Regular price £600.00

An easy 1,250-calorie weight-loss plan for £150 per week. Choose your T-shirt below.

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Image: Virgin Juice Cleanse
Virgin Juice Cleanse

The perfect introduction to cleansing, sweet & simple.

Choose Options...
Nourish Soup Cleanse

Filling and most importantly, tasty! Take care of your body with this cleanse.

Choose Options...
Image: Weekend Reset Cleanse
Weekend Reset Cleanse
Regular price £62.00

The 48-hr cleanse, reset your body and set yourself up for the week ahead.


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PRESS Reviews: From Cleanses to Diet Plans

PRESS Reviews: From Cleanses to Diet Plans

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