Pip, Puppies and Peanut Butter! Hot Shots with Pippa Murray

The first episode of our new interview series, Hot Shots!

Welcome to the first episode of our new interview series, Hot Shots! Pippa Murray, the founder of Pip & Nut, takes on our Superfood Hot Shots challenge with PRESS Co-Founder Ed Foy.
Pip & Nut is the UK's market leading premium brand of nut butter. They only use the highest quality ingredients and all their products are plant based, palm oil free and free from stabilisers and refined sugar! Pip & Nut now have a large range of products and are stocked in over 5,000 stores throughout the UK and Europe.

Q:  What is the secret to the best Nut Butter?

Fundamentally, it's all about being super clean on your ingredients and using the best possible quality ingredients too...  You know, we use Argentinian Hi-Oleic Peanuts which are sweeter and have a better flavour, but are also better for your heart!

Q: What is the "right" amount of Peanut Butter? I imagine that there is a real spectrum of answers here...?

I mean, me personally, I eat it every day.  I put it in my porridge bowls and sometimes a spoonful for me too... One for the bowl and one for me! 

Q: What is your dream limited edition flavour?

I'd love to do a salted caramel limited edition flavour! If you can get it so that it isn't soo bad for you, then I think that would be the dream flavour. 

Q: Tell us something that not many people know about you!

Tough question!  I've been stung by a scorpion...(!) Thankfully it wasn't a killer, but it happened in Madagascar and apparently, the venom stays in your blood forever!

Q: Crunchy or Smooth?

I'm a crunchy peanut butter person, but a smooth almond butter person.

What is coming up for Pip & Nut?

Pip: Our latest limited edition that just came out, a Chocolate Orange Almond Butter and it's super tasty! 


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