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Our Plastic Neutral Pledge: PRESS X CleanHub 

At PRESS, we're dedicated to continually finding bigger and better ways to help build a more sustainable future.

One of our recent initiatives to help achieve a more sustainable future is by partnering with CleanHub - an incredible organisation who are also on a mission to free our planet from plastic pollution. 

CleanHub is helping to build a global platform for waste collection, helping brands and consumers to collect plastic before it reaches the ocean. 

With CleanHub's help, We are pledging to collect 30,000kg of plastic waste before it sinks to the depths of oceans where it can never be recovered. 

What does CleanHub do? 

So how does it actually work? 

For every kilogram of plastic we produce, we commit to taking that exact amount from the environment before it enters the ocean, creating a net balance on our plastic footprint. So that’s 30,000kg of plastic waste collection (that’s about five times as heavy as an elephant!) before it hits the ocean floor. 

Our Collection Hubs 

CleanHub is building a global network of local collection hubs in high impact locations to facilitate the collection and safe processing of non-recyclable plastic.

Our Collection Partners 

  • GOT BAG: Demak, Indonesia
    • GOT BAG developed the world’s first backpack made of marine plastic. They collect plastic as bycatch with a network of around 2,000 fishermen
  • Green Worms: Kerala, India
    • Green Worms Waste Management organizes door-to-door collection services across southern India, with the help of women self-help groups.
  • Tridi Oasis: Tangerang, Indonesia
    • Tridi Oasis is an all female led recycling company from Indonesia. They leverage their network to increase collection rates for non-recyclable plastic.
  • vRecycle: Goa, India
    • vRecycle helps over 25,000 homes manage their waste self-sufficiently. The team has built more than 2000 composters and about 200 community recycling points.
  • ecoBali: Kuta Utara, Indonesia
    • ecoBali was founded in 2006 on the idea of 'getting responsible with waste' due to the lack of waste management available in Bali. The “make - take - dispose” linear behaviour is sadly still happening a lot on the island. ecoBali seeks to implement a more circular way to approach waste.
  • Plastic Fischer: Varanasi, India
    • Plastic Fischer develops efficient and cost-effective waste collection technologies that are suitable for any given river condition around the world.

Our collection and recovery efforts are in motion today.

Track here and follow our along with our journey. For more information about our PRESS plastic journey so far, check out our sustainability page.

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