Is a Cleanse This Spring Right For You?

Taking part in a PRESS cleanse this spring may help improve your mental clarity, digestion and energy!

Is a PRESS Cleanse this spring right for you? 

Trying out a PRESS Intermediate Cleanse as the seasons change can help give your digestive system a rest and help eliminate toxins from your system. As we embark on a cleanse, we are eliminating our intake of processed foods, excess sugars and fuelling up with nutrient dense fruits and vegetables which help to nourish our body.

What is a PRESS cleanse? 

A PRESS intermediate Cleanse is in essence a juice cleanse in which you are increasing your liquid intake, flooding your body with nutrients and keeping hydrated throughout the day. This in turn can help with improving kidney function as well as hydration levels. It’s important to note that a 1 day juice cleanse isn’t going to drastically improve your health overnight. However, a PRESS cleanse is a great way to kickstart a healthier way of living and reduce your consumption of processed foods.

What is included? 

Cold-pressed fresh juices such as the ones at PRESS are full of fruit and vegetables which are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. All of which have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Drinking fresh juices can help increase your vitamin intake as you are consuming higher levels of antioxidants and micronutrients which are essential for overall health and wellness.

What are the benefits? 

The nutrients found in PRESS cold-pressed products help support the body's detoxification process which helps to reduce inflammation. By taking a break from consuming toxins found in processed foods, dairy and alcohol, your body has the ability to be able to repair its cells and so in turn helps reduce inflammation.

Taking part in a PRESS Cleanse this spring helps give your digestive system a break as a juice cleanse mimics a fast. Whilst juicing, your digestive system isn’t having to break down food and therefore gets to rest and recharge whilst also getting flooded with an abundance of nutrients which can easily be absorbed directly into the stomach lining. Not only this, cold-pressed juices contain enzymes which are great for digestion and help to improve your intestinal health.

Would I recommend a PRESS Cleanse this spring? 

Having done the 1 day intermediate juice cleanse with PRESS, I can confirm that my digestive system, skin and mental clarity have really improved. The intermediate cleanse includes 8 cold-pressed juices to be consumed throughout the day. It contains an array of juices ranging in delicious flavours of apple, celery, banana, strawberry, cucumber and lemon, all of which flood the body with nutrients, minerals and vitamins. As the cleanse was for 1 day, it was really manageable to fit into my routine and I carried the cleanse out on a day when I wasn’t exercising. 

The cleanse was very easy to do, I feel great and would absolutely take part in another cleanse again next season!

Holly Zoccolan, Holistic Lifestyle, Health & Nutrition Coach   

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