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How To Prepare for A Detox Cleanse, According To An Expert

How To Prepare For A Cleanse Like A Detox Pro Are you ready to go bananas for juicing and hit the reset button for your health? Juice detox cleanses are...

How To Prepare For A Cleanse Like A Detox Pro

Are you ready to go bananas for juicing and hit the reset button for your health?

Juice detox cleanses are becoming increasingly popular due to their superpowers for clearing out toxins, boosting the immune system, and re-energising the body.

Want some of that in your life? Us too. 

Juicing and cleansing the body is what we live and breathe here at PRESS, but what should you do to prepare for a cleanse?

What steps should you take to maximise its impact and ensure that you cleanse like a detox pro.

Here’s what we suggest…

Our 7 Steps To Full Detox Cleanse Preparation:

1. Ease Off On The Heavy Stuff

The whole point of a cleanse is to recharge and reboot your health, raise your energy levels, and help you feel lighter. Therefore, it makes total sense to ease off on the heavy foods a day or two before you kickstart the cleanse.

This means cutting out the curries, fried foods, and generally avoiding fast food takeaways. 

Your digestive system will thank you for it.  

2. Cut Back On Refined Sugar

While you want plenty of the natural sugars you’ll find in cold-pressed juices, it’s important to cut back on refined sugar as much as possible.

Roughly 180,000 deaths worldwide were caused by sugar-sweetened drinks, according to research carried out by New Harvard School of Public Health in the US.

Here in the UK, more than half of all adults (63%) are classed as being overweight or obese – that’s over 35 million people. Health experts point the finger at diets high in sugar and trans-fats.

By cutting back on your sugar intake a day or two before your cleanse, it’ll give your body a helping hand ahead of the detoxification process when your cleanse begins.

3. Ditch The Booze Early

We’re kinda stating the obvious with this one. And we know you probably don’t intend on kickstarting a cleanse at 10am on a Sunday when you’re hanging on for dear life with a hangover.

BUT…the body has to work extremely hard to clear alcohol out of your body, and how well it does this varies from person to person. Booze can usually still be detected in the urine up to five days after intake.

Meanwhile, phosphatidylethanl (PEth), a biomarker that reflects alcohol intake can be detected for up to 14 days in urine

Even if you drink just a glass or two of wine after dinner, or have a few gins at the weekend only, steering clear of alcohol well in advance of a planned cleanse will help support your body’s detoxification process when the cleanse begins. You’ll then feel more of the juice cleanse benefits.

4. Do A Supermarket Sweep

There are many cleanses to choose from these days, but the best ones all have the same thing in common: they are packed with nutrients derived from fruits and vegetables.

This means that some serious planning is necessary, along with shopping lists, and a few trips to the supermarket and/or health food store to get all the key ingredients required.

You’ll also have to get your hands on a quality juicer (not a blender) in order to extract all the goodness from your bags of fruit and veg. Then of course it’s a case of washing your produce thoroughly (to wash away any nasty pesticides), prepare juices, clean the juicer, ditch the leftover pulp, and rinse and repeat however many times for however many days you’re cleansing.

5. Or there’s a better way…

Leave all the hard work to us. Here at PRESS, we make cleansing a breeze for you with our cold-pressed juice and protein soup cleanses. 

Whether it’s a 48-hour detox cleanse or immunity boost to an advanced cleanse or immersive one-week programme to reset and re-energise, we’ve got you covered.

Even better, we’ve recently kickstarted a custom health box builder where you can customise and build the perfect detox plan that best suits your taste buds. For more info, click here.

We source the highest-quality ingredients from GAP (Global Certified Farms) and all products are made using cold pressure (HPP) to ensure nutrient-rich, long-lasting juice every time – without the need to freeze right away.

It’s next level stuff to nourish your body with all the essential nutrients you need for the most powerful cleanse. 

6. Take The Pressure Off

A cleanse gives your digestive system a much-needed rest, it floods your body with nutrients to repair and regenerate your cells, and gives your entire being some well-earned TLC.

So, if you’re gonna do, do it right. 

Take the pressure off yourself avoiding any strenuous tasks. Get the housework done well in advance so you don’t have to worry about cleaning while you’re cleansing. And clear your diary as much as possible because less stress equals less inflammation in the body and a better all-round cleansing process.

7. Enjoy The Process

‘More self-love’ is what all the gurus say these days. 

Well, the team here at PRESS say that a cleanse is one of the biggest shows of love you can give your body. * And none of us are wearing a white robe and sandals in the office today. 

There’s no need to curse a cleanse, or dread any detox. You can actually enjoy the process…especially when you’re doing it properly with delicious products bursting with goodness and flavour.

That’s what we’re all about: making it easier for you to live a healthier, happier life. For more information on our cleansing programmes and products click here.



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