The Story Of A Green Juice Convert

Hear from our latest green juice convert, Rosie.

We spoke to the lovely Rosie Tapner, who has been Living The Green for the last week. Here is what she had to say about her experience:
I have always been rather skeptical about juices and actually how much of a benefit they have, I’m more of a load yourself up with chocolate kind of girl. But when I was given the opportunity to try PRESS Juice’s Ginger shot and Easy Green I thought I would give it a go. 
I was SO surprised with the results, first of all, the Easy Green is absolutely DELICIOUS, it really shocked me how yummy it was and instead of dreading drinking it, I woke up in the morning looking forward to it. Not only the taste but the way it made me feel instantly, I am often up at 4am to go and ride racehorses and I find myself exhausted by about 10am, the Easy Green and the added boost of the Ginger Shot kept me going until lunch time, and I stopped needing an afternoon power nap, which meant I could get more work done and more of my day was productive. I started having the juices at a really stressful moment, my mother had just broken her neck, work was on top of me and the early mornings were bringing me down.
Due to the stress my skin had got really bad, my digestive system wasn’t working (sorry too much information there) and I just felt flat. The juices really really helped with this, after 7 days of having them, my skin cleared up, my digestive system went back to normal and the added energy was awesome - not only that but I felt so much healthier from the inside out. 
From someone who really didn’t believe in juices and thought they were a load of rubbish, I really can’t recommend PRESS to you enough. Lockdown has been really stressful and we are all feeling low and fed up, if you start your day with a Ginger Shot and an Easy Green, trust me your day will be so much better, and you will start to feel fantastic.
Delicious, energy boosting, skin healer and a full inside out clean, LOVE THEM!!!
If you'd like to hear more from Rosie, watch her review below:
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