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The Best Food Events and Exhibitions in London 2019

 These events will change the way you look at food!

Curious about the coolest and most innovative events that are happening in the food scene? Then, you're in a treat! From thought-provoking exhibitions to immersive experiences, these events will change the way you look at food (and interestingly so)!


1. Exhibition: Food Bigger Than The Plate

Where: The Victoria and Albert Museum   
Price: £17.00 per ticket 

Inviting visitors to participate, taste and debate, this bold exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table.

From gastronomic experiments to urban farming, this exhibition brings together the politics and pleasure of food to ask how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future.


2. Summer Pop Up: Patch & Picnic

Where: Patch & Picnic, 78 Waterloo Bridge SE1 9PX

Bask in the warm sum with a picnic platter and drinks on the Southbank. Book into the games area for a session of boules, beach tennis or Swing-ball, while enjoying a refreshing G&T or glass of bubbly. And if picnics aren't your thing, you can always sneak off to the BBQ Club pop-up next door for a burger and craft beer. It's the perfect way to spend a sunny weekend...


3. Exhibition: Tender Touches

Where: AMP Gallery
Price: £32.57

Blurring the lines between the gallery, the studio and the dining room, Tender Touches will host a series of talks, supper clubs and performances, taking place among new commissions by a group of international emerging artists.

Guests will be invited to engage in a multi-sensory experience through the artworks as everyday objects, and to engage with food as they might view art. By encouraging a multi-sensory experience, the exhibition dissolves barriers between the audience and the art, while exploring the overarching themes of the body, flesh and physical boundaries.

4. Immersive Cocktail Experience: The Grid (Southwark)

Where: 2 Robinson Road, London SE1 8BU
Price: From £29.99 to £34.99

Enjoy a 1.5 hours immersive experience with The Grid as they take you on a crazy sci-fi experience. The mission is to defeat evil startup Neosight's AI technology to help humanity from extinction. In this mission, you will go through multiple rooms, posing as a volunteer to help them programme their machines. 

While you're on this crazy mission, slurp yourself happy with the most innovative and insane sci-fi cocktails that you will ever have! 


5. Immersive Dining Experience: The Grand Expedition

Where: Undisclosed, The location is top secret! 
Price: From £60 to £75

Gingerline's Grand Expedition will take aeronauts on an incredible, edible journey to the clouds and back.

This is an unforgettable, five-course immersive dining experience around the world - taking place at a hidden location on the Victoria line. Expect the most immaculate dishes as well as an elaborate set design, dance, story-telling, interactivity and performance. If you know someone who enjoys doing unique and quirky activities, this might just be the perfect birthday gift for them!

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