Fad Diets Don't Work (But What Actually Does)

Fad diets do not work. Restrictive diets don't work.  95% of people who lose weight by dieting tend to regain it within 1 year, and the rest within the following 4 years. Find out how PRESS dieters got on with our carefully created diet plans.

Can you think back to the last time you went on a super restrictive diet? 


Did the diet work?


Did you actually lose weight and then keep it off?


Was it sustainable?


95% of people who lose weight by dieting tend to regain it within 1 year, and the rest within the following 4 years. We can be as sure of this as we are that smoking causes cancer!

This is why we work with you to make a total lifestyle change, and not just a diet. It comes down to eating right and exercise. 

Calorie restriction is good, but to keep it off, physical activity and exercise have to increase to create lean body mass. The more lean mass a person has, the more elevated their metabolism can be.

Our diet plans are made up of the correct amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates that is needed for a nutritious and wholesome meal, all the way from breakfast to dinner. We are very much aware that people are leading busy lives, so sometimes eating healthily can’t always be a priority as it can be quite time consuming. We hope the food programmes free up people’s time and make eating better effortless.

We have feedback from 2 of our lovely PRESS dieters, who shared their experience and hopefully helps you answer some questions you're unsure about.

How many diets have you tried in your lifetime? 

Jessica: I've tried quite a few diets before, I think since the age of 18 I've been on and off diets. I'm plant based now though which makes healthy eating a lot easier.

Cam: Only 1.

If you have previously done a diet, what did you struggle with? 

Jessica: When dieting in the past I usually struggled with sticking to a plan consistently. I would usually cut too many food groups out and then end up binge eating.

Cam: I did the PRESS 1750 calories diet plan previously some time ago, and my biggest issue with it was that there was not enough variety. However, the new plan that I'm currently doing is much better.

Which PRESS diet plan did you do?

Jessica: I did the 4 week 1250 calorie PRESS plan but added some extras to my main meals to make the calories around 1500-1600.

Cam: I did the 4 week 1500 calorie diet plan.

What were you hoping to achieve? And did you achieve this goal? 

Jessica: My goals before starting the plan was to quit my vegan junk food addiction (it got real bad when lockdown started) and to reintroduce myself back onto a more wholefoods lifestyle. I also put on 10KG in lockdown (crazy I know) and wanted to lose some of this weight. I lost 5kg in the 4 weeks and that was while still eating out at the weekends.

Cam: I'm trying to lose weight. I lost about 15 lbs the first time I did the PRESS plan. I gained some weight back over covid lockdown, and have currently lost 10 lbs on the diet plan in the first week and a half.

Why did you choose PRESS?

Jessica: I chose PRESS after previously trying the Juice cleanse and I felt so good after it that I just had to try the full diet plan.

Cam: I love their products, especially the lean green juice. The dinner options like the coconut curry are delicious and I also really love the chipotle soup.

How would you describe your experience in 3 words?

Jessica: Enjoyable, easy, motivating

Cam: Tasty, satisfied, thinner

What was your favourite part about the diet plan?

Jessica: My favourite part of the diet plan was dinner. The coconut curry and vegan chilli are ridiculously good.

Cam: The variety.

How did you feel at the end?

Jessica: I felt amazing at the end!! I had lost some of the weight I gained, but also felt more motivated to go back to healthy eating again with ease. I also felt a lot stronger mentally as I had managed to stick to something for 4 weeks.

Cam: I am still in progress with the plan but I tend to feel satisfied despite consuming less calories than i'm used to. 

If your friend was to ask you for some dieting top tips, what would you say?

Jessica: If a friend asked for dieting tips I would suggest to cut out all processed food and start eating more wholefoods but make sure it tastes good so you're excited to eat it.

Cam: For me, having the full days food planned out with a schedule helps immensely. I also made sure i didn't keep any of the unhealthy foods like chips or chocolate in the house AT ALL, because i will eat it if it is there, I have very little self control. 

Would you change anything about the plan?

Jessica: The plan was pretty much perfect, the only thing i would change is the 'protein bar/snack bar' in the mid afternoon and change to something that has no sugar added. 

Cam: Perhaps even more variety, but otherwise everything tastes good

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