9 reasons why you should buddy up when cleansing

We'll be the first to admit that juice cleansing is no easy feat. Even the most seasoned cleansers among us experience those moments of dreaming about coffee or a cheeky sweet treat (even the PRESS team are guilty of that!).

I mean, there's really nothing worse than watching your co-worker come back to their desk with a poke bowl from that new joint, while you're their convincing yourself "this juice will give me life". This is the exact reason so many people grab a partner to cleanse with. Share the highs (#smug) and the lows (#hangry).

If you can make it through a challenging cleanse with a friend/partner, there's really nothing you can't get through together.


9 Reasons why cleansing together works


  • You’re in It Together

 Physically, mentally and emotionally, you are in this battle together and you both are each other’s’ cheerleaders.


  • No one else actually understands what you're doing

People don't understand why you would ever put yourself through it, but that's OK because you have a friend by your side who's doing the exact same thing.

People won't question you because clearly, what you're doing makes sense to someone.


  • It eliminates any jealousy from the relationship

You are too busy focusing on making it through this cleanse to occupy your time with any other thoughts — especially negative ones. The fact that you have a partner by your side whose attitude is basically a duplicate of your own is beyond empowering.


  •  You both understand all the emotional outbursts and hangry.

You both understand low blood sugar is an excuse for any and all emotional outbursts, do you get overly pissed off and cranky when you aren't fed? Well, lucky for you, science confirms that being hangry is real, and it sucks, however nothing brings people together quite like complaining does.


  • You learn to have fun without alcohol and your activities top revolving around food

I can't be the only person whose day revolves around what their next meal is going to be. By essentially eliminating food from your diet, you eliminate the need to plan your day around it. And as we all can most likely agree on — no plan is sometimes the best plan.  What are you supposed to do for fun without alcohol? I guess that’s where the word "learn" comes into play.


  • You keep each other on track

The fact that people don't want to hear about the struggles of your cleanse is the exact reason they aren't going to follow up with you to see how you're doing. In fact, they probably want you to fail so they are proven correct. Good thing you have your friend by your side to keep you in check. You know how your gym buddy makes sure you show up for your workout? This is kind of like that. And there are numbers to prove it!

A study found that you have a 65% higher chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.


  • High 5s all around. 

You have someone to cheer on your small victories and keep them going too. You have someone who knows you can do it, even when you don't think you can. You may not think you're going to survive, but your friend does — at least she's pretending to, so you don't f*ck up both of your cleanses.


  • You'll be responsible for her demise

If succeeding on your own cleanse isn't enough motivation, the fact that if you give up, your friend will too , will be reason enough to keep on trucking. Yeah, it sucks in the moment, but once it's over, you'll never feel prouder.


  • Bond for Life

 You’re in this together. Just like running a marathon, the second you cross that finish line you and your cleanse buddy have something to celebrate and a “we-did-it!” experience to remember.



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