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A Top Nutrition Coach Tells Us What To Eat Post-Juice Cleanse

Post-Cleanse Top Tips: What To Do After A Juice Cleanse  Post-cleanse should always be the easy part, right? You’ve already dedicated yourself to a juice cleanse for days, you’re feeling...

Post-Cleanse Top Tips: What To Do After A Juice Cleanse 

Post-cleanse should always be the easy part, right?

You’ve already dedicated yourself to a juice cleanse for days, you’re feeling light and refreshed, and you’ve given your body the VIP treatment it deserves. 

Does that mean you should crack open the wine and order half the menu from your favourite Chinese takeaway to celebrate?

Course not my friend. Your body, and digestive system in particular, are still in a delicate condition after a long-overdue clear-out and therefore it’s recommended that you ease back into your diet and lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips on what to do after a juice cleanse so that you can prolong the positive effects you’ve experienced from consuming all that fresh, cold-pressed juice goodness.

Seven Top Post-Cleanse Tips:

1. First, The Good Stuff…

Okay, let’s begin on a sweet note by highlighting some glorious health benefits you can expect to experience as a result of a juice cleanse. 

Increased energy levels, clearer skin, healthier looking hair and nails, weight loss, improved digestion, improved mood…and a general feeling of morphing into a superhero.

Seriously, every case is different as we’re all unique but these health benefits we’ve just listed are commonly reported by men and women. And it makes total sense because when you cleanse toxins out of your system, the body can repair and replace cells more effectively – leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energised. 

2. Second, Cleansing Is Easier Than You Think

Just quickly before we dive into what to eat and drink (and what to avoid) post-cleanse, we just want to remind you that detox doesn’t have to be a drag.

Infact, we make cleansing so easy for you here at PRESS with everything perfectly prepared – and also allowing you to customise your cleanse exactly how you want it. For more info, click here

3. Continue With The Fruit and Veg Post-Cleanse

Every good cleanse centres around cold-pressed fruit and vegetables as these provide the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients our body uses to heal, restore, replenish, and grow.

Post-cleanse, it’s important to continue with fruit and veg. A fresh fruit salad at breakfast time is the perfect way to start the day as it’s light and easy on the digestive system. A serving of vegetables included with each of your other meals is also the way to go.

This will provide fibre to keep the digestive system working nicely, and if you can lightly steam or roast your vegetables it’ll help them retain more of their nutrients. 

And while you’re no longer exclusively on the liquids, it’s still a smart move to include one freshly-pressed juice or smoothie per day to ensure you’re still getting a very healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. There’s no shortage of amazing options here at PRESS, and you can check them out here.

4. Don’t Go Heavy On Your Belly

While fruit and veg keeps things light, highly-processed meals and snacks can sit heavy in your belly. That’s because they’re processed to death, contain little nutrients, and are high in refined sugar and unhealthy fats.

We’re fans of everything in moderation, but it’s definitely not a smart idea to order a Domino’s pizza an hour after finishing your juice cleanse…or taking a spin round the McDonald’s drive-thru because you thought you heard the McFlurry machine calling your name.

Easing yourself back into your diet is always the way to go. That means plenty fruits and vegetables, and freshly-cooked meals at home so you have control of what ingredients are going into your food.

5. Replace Your Usual Cuppa

Not much tastes, or smells, better than a warm mug of coffee in the morning, we get it. And if you’re a tea drinker, we feel ya too! 

But we advise you to give those hot drinks the cold shoulder for just a day or two after you finish your cleanse. Here’s why…

Firstly, coffee is a very acidic drink and could irritate your gut lining, which might be quite delicate after a few days of cleansing. Swapping coffee for our celery juice is the perfect alternative because celery contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that will soothe and heal your gut.

Secondly, tea and coffee are high in caffeine which can give you that unnatural rush at a time when you’re trying to bring about balance to your body.

There are lots of tasty herbal teas in the supermarket which are caffeine free. An even better option is drinking a mug of hot lemon water, which has numerous health benefits and will boost your cleansing efforts even more.

6. Skip The Booze And Give Your Liver And Kidneys A Rest

We know it’s a weeee bit unlikely you’ll be popping the champagne bottle or pouring a large glass of wine to celebrate completing a cleanse. 

Still, it’s important to remind you to avoid alcohol, even in small amounts, for at least a few days post-cleanse. 

The liver and kidneys will still be working to clear toxins out of your system following the juice cleanse. Show these organs some love by not placing the heavy burden of dealing with alcohol on them too. The wine or beers will still be there next week. 

7. Drink Plenty Of H2o

Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated, support your digestive system, and help to flush out toxins further post-cleanse. 

Adult women should be drinking around 2l of water per day and men 2.5l, according to the European Hydration Institute.

According to Water Logic, the average person in the UK only consumes half the amount of water they should be drinking.

Make a point of filling up a water bottle a couple of times per day, and stay hydrated to support your body as best as possible post-cleanse.

Finally, it takes a certain calibre of awesome human to take full charge of their health and look after their body properly through cleansing.

Much respect to you from Team PRESS.



7 Reasons To Start Your Day With Lemon Water

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