6 Useful Tips To Stay Hydrated

Add a splash cold-pressed juice to your water!

65% of our body consists of water and dehydration can have a huge impact on energy, concentration, short-term memory and even mood! In fact, it has also been been shown to cause a drop in workplace productivity. 

Many of us forget to drink or simply just don’t like the taste of water. Here are 5 hydrating hacks to boost our intake...


1. Invest in an Infruition water bottle 

If you’re not a fan of plain water, then jazz yours up with infused water. This infruition water bottle allows you to add beautiful-tasting fruit into its special chamber leaving you with a naturally tastier beverage.

The combinations of flavours are endless, but make a start by infusing with your water with berries, mint, ginger, cucumber and even lemon.


2. Add a dash of cold-pressed juice to sparkling water 

Cold-pressed juice is made by slowly grinding, squeezing and pressing fruit. There is minimal heat involved when juicing and the process squeezes out every last drop, leaving a more nutritious and flavoursome juice in comparison to your regular stuff on the shelf. In fact, some cold-pressed juicers claim to extract up to 35% more juice in comparison to regular juice.

Try adding 100mls of our juices to some sparkling water for extra vitamin hit and a dash of flavour. With a range of nourishing and super tasty fruit and vegetable juice, it's simply too hard to resist!


3. Try keeping a water bottle on your desk to remind you to stay hydrated

The saying ‘out of sight out of mind’ is too true when it comes to drinking water. Try keeping a bottle on your desk at all times. You can also opt for a water bottle with useful tracker markers up the side to remind you to drink at certain times - there really is no excuse!


4. Opt for water with superfood benefits

PRESS has a great range of hydrators, from the Blue Spirulina Lemonade to our new favourite Pink Probiotic Water with over 1 billion gut friendly bacteria! All of our hydrators are water-based with a health twist and are super tasty too.

The Pink Probiotic Water also comes with a dash of dragon fruit to give it a refreshing flavour and a fun bright colour. What’s more the probiotic bacteria included has been researched for supporting immune function and improving digestion.


5. Try cold infuse tea bags

It’s common knowledge that iced tea is full of added sugar, but fortunately we can now make our own! Twinings have just brought out a range of cold-infused tea bags that bring a hint of flavour to your water, making hydration even easier. What’s more, they’re made from all natural ingredients and are sugar free...what’s not to love!

From watermelon, strawberry & mint to lemon, to coconut, pineapple and green tea - the flavours are endless.


6. Choose a warming herbal tea

Herbal teas can be a perfect hydrating alternative to your regular coffee and tea. But in addition to their hydrating properties, they may also come with  additional health benefits. For example, chamomile tea may have calming properties whilst fennel tea may support digestion.  





By leading London Nutritionist Lily Soutter, BSc (hons) Food & Human Nutrition, Dip NT,

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