5 tips for a pre-summer holiday detox

Get ready for summer and feel your best with a pre-summer holiday detox. 

Whether you’re about to hit the beach, want to look and feel your best in this year’s new summer holiday wardrobe, or simply want to have your best summer yet, a pre-summer holiday detox will have you ready in no time. 

The benefits of a pre-summer holiday detox

Stay on track with your summer goals

Give yourself the best start to your trip, so your summer holiday can be all about conscious indulgence. 

Give yourself an energy boost

Whether you’re expecting lots of late nights, or you just want to feel and look your best, a pre-summer holiday detox will give you the energy you need. 

Save time

A detox before your summer holiday means all your meals, snacks and drinks are planned out. All you have to do is stick to the plan.

Save money before you go

Give yourself that extra spending money for all-important cocktails, beach clubs and souvenirs to take home by eating well and planning your meals in advance on a pre-summer holiday detox. 

5 tips for your pre-summer holiday detox

1 - Hydrate

There are so many benefits to drinking over two litres of water every day. It’s great for your metabolism, keeps your organs functioning smoothly and keeps your skin dewy. 

But did you know that when you drink water is important too? Experts recommend leaving 15 minutes after eating before you drink water, and leaving 15 minutes after drinking to eat. This helps your body absorb the nutrients from your food. Plus, drinking water first thing in the morning is the best way to get your metabolism started. Making sure you keep hydrated in the lead up to your holiday will set you up for success in hot weather, encourage weight loss and give your skin a dewy boost. 

2 - Try some gentle exercise

If you’re looking to tone up or lose a few pounds before your holiday, we recommend some gentle exercise during your detox. Walking, yoga, light swimming and light cycling can all help to boost your mood, kick-start your metabolism and give you a healthy endorphin boost. If you’re eating less calories than usual, it’s important you stick to gentle exercise to ensure you keep your energy levels high and blood sugars stable. 

3 - Don’t forget your mind

Most of us try a pre-summer holiday detox for the physical health benefits. But your mental health can have just as big an impact on your body. Stress can cause bloating and swelling, as well as tempting you to reach for unhealthy snacks. 

Some of the ways you can focus on your mind and mental health include journaling, practising mindfulness, taking part in hobbies and activities you enjoy, and walking in nature. 

4 - Focus on your sleep

Your pre-summer holiday detox is designed to give you lots of energy, glowing skin, healthy hair and a feel-good boost before you even get to the airport. But depriving your body of sleep could undo all of your good work before you get there. 

To give yourself the best chance of sleep try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day, put screens away an hour before bedtime, leave a couple of hours between eating and bedtime, and avoid caffeine after 4pm.  

5 - Sign up to a Summer Detox planUp your fruit and veggies intake

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep yourself full, and get all of the nutrients you need. Aim for five to 10 different fruits and vegetables per day to give yourself a diversity of nutrients. 

Reducing your meat and dairy intake during a pre-summer holiday fast also gives your metabolism a boost. Plus, it’s likely to improve your skin and reduce the calories you’re eating. 


For a pre-summer holiday detox without the hassle, try PRESS own Summer Detox plan. Packed full of nutritious smoothies, juices, snacks, Meals and soups, they’re delivered straight to your door - saving you time, money and hassle. 

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