3 Reasons Why We Should Eat A Carrot A Day

Our new juice boosts your immunity, vision and your skin!

Carrot Health Benefits: 3 Reasons Why We Should Eat One A Day

Carrots have a distinctive bright orange colour and are one of the most delicious and versatile root vegetables around. Not only do they have a deliciously sweet and earthy flavour, but they come with 3 amazing health benefits too...

 Quick Carrot Nutrition Facts

Carrots’ water content ranges from 86–95%. Carrots are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, especially biotin, potassium, and vitamins A. 

1. Carrot benefits for healthy skin

The bright orange colour of carrots comes from their high content of a special antioxidant called beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is the precursor to vitamin A, an essential nutrient needed for the production of healthy skin cells. This critical vitamin can also help to keep our skin firm and healthy and without it our skin can become dry.

Whilst beta-cartone shouldn’t replace your daily sun cream, research does suggests that this antioxidant may help to protect our skin cells from UV rays, which is a primary trigger for ageing.


2. Carrots help vision 

There may be some truth in the saying ‘carrots can make you see in the dark’. Due to their high vitamin A content, they can help to improve vision. This critical vitamin plays a role with preventing the formation of cataracts and even macular degeneration which are both leading causes of blindness and vision impairment.

In addition, carrots also contain an antioxidant called lutein which have been found to increase pigment density in the macular (near the retina of the eye). The greater the density of the retina, the lower the risk of macular degeneration.


3. Carrots boost the immune system 

Adding carrots regularly to your diet may help to strengthen your immune system and fight off infection do their high vitamin A content. This nutrient plays a key role with supporting our body’s mucous membranes which line the respiratory and intestinal tracts, making it harder for bacteria to enter into the bloodstream and cause infection.

Carrots aren’t just there for when you’re feeling run down, regular consumption of this vitamin A rich vegetable can strengthen our defences ready for when foreign invaders hit!


How can i eat more products?

At PRESS we have carefully curated a delicious cold-pressed carrot juice with a hint of orange, apple and ginger. Ingredients have been hand picked to provide you with the best flavour and nutritional value. Our Clean Carrot juice is not only a fast track way of getting in your daily dose of vitamin A, but it also provides additional nutrients which enhance it’s immune boosting and skin glow effects.


By our resident nutritionist, Lily Soutter BSc (hons) Food & Human Nutrition, Dip NT

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