What's In My Cleanse with Barbara Husakova

Have you ever tried any type of cleansing? @Barbarasfoodcravings tells all about her first experience with a juice cleanse!

Have you ever tried any type of cleansing? Well up until now I have only ever tried a 1 day fast so this was my first experience with a juice cleanse. Cleansing is known to give your digestive system a restart and remove any unwanted toxins from your body.  

The reason I decided to do a juice cleanse was because I wanted to see for myself the benefits of a juice cleanse and observe my body's reaction. I was also super interested to see if i could finish the 3-day cleanse as I need a lot of food during the day to keep me going! With my busy schedule, waking up at 4:30 am, going to the gym the first thing in the morning and then the whole day in motion is the reason I was a bit sceptical at first. 


This is quite a controversial topic, but I believe that giving your body rest from food for a short period of time can help your digestion and overall feel better throughout the day.

Juice cleanses provide you with fruit and vegetable juices filled with nutrients that absorb more quickly into the bloodstream because they do not contain fibre. The main benefits of a juice cleanse are for better digestion, clearer skin, a new approach to food and overall you will feel better in your body. 


I did a 3-day Soft Core Cleanse by Press Juice because I am a big fan of their juices. I genuinely love their shot and juices, so it was really easy to go through them.    

Daily Schedule: 

  • 7am – 330ml daily celery 
  • 9 am – 500ml daily sweet greens 
  • 11am – 330ml banana milkshake
  • 1pm – 500ml lean greens 
  • 3pm – 330 ml fiery apple
  • 5pm – 500ml lean greens 
  • 7pm – 330ml strawberry milkshake
  • 8pm – 330ml spirulina water+

Overall, you will have 8 cold-pressed juices and 894 calories per day. To be honest it’s hard to drink all of them in one day as this is a lot of liquid. 


I really didn’t know what to expect at first and I definitely did not have any expectations. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous because I rely heavily on balanced food to give me the energy I need for the day. So yes, I had some presumptions about the whole experience and figured out that I was going to feel pretty exhausted.  


The first day has been the most enjoyable and easiest for me. I had my first juice after a morning workout at about 7 am. I must note that I missed my morning coffee because I am addicted but I got the energy I needed from the green juice I had at 9 am. Surprisingly, I was feeling energised the whole morning and didn’t think of food at all. What I noticed was that I probably had even more energy and really focused as my body did not digest any food. I also notice that I haven’t been bloated all day. 


On day two I woke up full of energy and went to the gym like any other day. I felt pretty energised during my workout and overall, I was in a good mood. At that point, I was super hungry after my workouts as I always need to have breakfast. On the second day, I decided to swap my juices and had the 500ml lean greens in the morning to satisfy my hunger and it worked. In the afternoon I started feeling slightly weak, hungry and moody. I was not productive for the rest of the day and just chilled on the sofa till the evening. I also found it hard to drink enough water during the day as I already drank a lot of liquid. 


The last day was the toughest day for me. I woke up exhausted and slept till 8 am (I normally wake up at 4:30 am every weekday morning). Probably the biggest mistake was doing two hard works out the days before. They just took all my energy away and I felt exhausted and moody all day. In the morning I went for a walk but for the rest of the day, I just spend sitting in front of my laptop and worked till 5. I must admit, in the afternoon I snack on some nuts because I felt really tired. On the last day, I started also to feel really cold throughout the day. I was struggling to finish my juices as I was full of liquid and ended up drinking just 4 of them.  


In particular the most enjoyable thing about the juice cleanse for me was that every day I had a fully planned day of nutrition and I did not have to cook or clean anything. Not having to worry about what I will have for lunch allowed me to focus on work and be more productive. Next time I would definitely leave out any workouts and go just for a walk to save some valuable energy. I also really paid attention to how my body was feeling and how it reacts to food. I would definitely recommend trying out the juice cleanse energised and less bloated, with improved sleep and skin quality to match.


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