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10 Albums to get you through self-isolation

Know anyone who says that music isn’t as good as it used to be in the good old days? Or did you love Lizzo, Taylor and Stormzy but worry some...

Know anyone who says that music isn’t as good as it used to be in the good old days? Or did you love Lizzo, Taylor and Stormzy but worry some great music went under the radar? Well - look no further. 2019 was a great year for music, and Tom from Head Office wants you to know all about it, with his self-isolation music manual, all hyperlinked for your listening pleasure.

Self-isolation music manual: 2019 Albums edition

10 Albums to get you through the day

Ribbons - Bibio

Perfect for: Getting out of bed. Wakey-wakey, rise and shine!

Starting with a nice soothing guitar track, the album gets more upbeat to warm you into your day, up into the shower and ready for a hard day’s work at the kitchen table. Check the news (okay, maybe don’t), get a cup of coffee brewed and settle on down.


Afterimages - Andy Dragazis

Perfect for: Doing some proper work. Time to focus!

If you’re the sort of person that needs something steady and calming in the background while you work, this one's for you. It’s a mixture of electronic and orchestral sounds that’ll take your mind to a far, far away place (so bring your hand sanitiser).


No Geography - The Chemical Brothers
Perfect for: Keeping active. Time for some high knees!

This album won the Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album, and Got To Keep On won Best Dance Recording. Anything else you need to know? There are some heavy drops in this, so it isn’t for the light-hearted - my mother would describe this as “a racket”. It’s an album that’ll make you run as if you’re being chased by a pack of wild dogs.

Remind Me Tomorrow - Sharon Van Etten

Perfect for: Nap time! Back in you go!
If you can manage a whole day at home and not have a nap, sleeping caps off to you. For the rest of us, well done, celebrate the achievement of getting out of bed to do something with the reward of getting right back in again.


Anak Ko - Jay Som

Perfect for: More work! Back to it!

What are you doing, sleeping in the day? Get back into the swing of things with this album, upbeat enough to wake you up again but not too upbeat as to alarm you. You’re safe here, don’t worry.


Dream Girl - Anna of the North

Perfect for: Let’s put a meal together. Chop chop!

It starts bright and cheery like a Norwegian Lily Allen, but the highlight has got to be Track 7, Thank Me Later.

If you’ve been smart enough to buy a PRESS soup or ready meal, you’ll only need 5 minutes to get food prepared, so try this single: Your Light by The Big Moon. The album came out in 2020 but the single was released in 2019 so I’m sneaking this one in!


Titanic Rising - Weyes Blood

Perfect for: Some nice sophisticated dinner time music.

Get a bottle of wine out and think deep, brooding thoughts about the future of humanity. Or, you know, have a chat with your flatmates/partner.


Forevher - Shura
Perfect for: Getting the housework done. Wash those dishes!

Looking for something fun? Try Forevher by Shura - it’s perfectly crafted electropop that you’ll have trouble keeping still to. Shura made this album with the guy from Athlete (remember them?) It peaked at 61 in the UK Album charts but should have been way higher!
It starts with a soothing minute-long song and then pop! Track 2 starts and away you go.


Blood - Kelsey Lu

Perfect for: Bathtime! You’ve earnt it, probably!

There will be some dramatic moments in here for you to watch your candles flicker against the wall, but Kelsey Lu’s voice will soothe you as it floats around the bathroom. Poor Fake is the most fun track on the album, but I’m Not In Love, a cover of the song by 10cc is the cherry on top of a beautiful cake.


Dealer’s Choice
You’re not going to let someone else tell you what to do all day are you? Pick your own favourite from last year to see the day out. Little Simz, Bon Iver, Billie Eilish, Vampire Weekend, Ariana Grande? What are you waiting for? You could even listen to Tom’s album if you like.



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