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Staying Healthy on Summer Holiday (while still enjoying yourself): Tips from a Nutritionist

Staying Healthy on Summer Holiday (while still enjoying yourself): Tips from a Nutritionist Dreaming of sandy beaches, long late meals, lazy days in the sun and maybe a cocktail or...

Staying Healthy on Summer Holiday (while still enjoying yourself): Tips from a Nutritionist

Dreaming of sandy beaches, long late meals, lazy days in the sun and maybe a cocktail or two? Summer holidays are all about relaxation and indulgence, but you may also be wondering how to still enjoy yourself whilst keeping to your health goals. You want to be able to enjoy yourself, but also come back feeling refreshed and revitalised. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can enjoy your summer getaway without sacrificing your commitment to healthy eating.

Embrace the Local Produce Paradise

It’s pretty hard to think of a summer holiday destination that doesn’t have delicious food. So why not throw yourself into the local treasure trove of local produce and cuisine. So, put down the patatas bravas and head to the local food markets, or ask a local what their favourite restaurant is. This is your chance to turn each meal into an adventure, adding exotic flavours and nutritious delights to your holiday dining experience. By choosing locally sourced produce, not only do you get to enjoy the freshest seasonal picks, but you’re also doing your bit for the environment by reducing food miles. Plus, chatting with the locals might just reveal some culinary secrets or recipe ideas, allowing you to bring a taste of your travels back home. So, dive into the local culture through its fruits and veggies – it’s a simple yet profoundly satisfying way to enhance your healthy eating journey while away.

Bonus tip: Ever heard of the Mediterranean diet? Local fresh seafood, vegetables, salads and olive oil is one of the healthiest ways to eat, so if you’re holidaying by the coast, just eat like the locals and you’ll feel wonderful!

Healthy Hydration Hacks (That Aren’t Just Water)

Keeping yourself adequately hydrated under the scorching summer sun is absolutely vital, but let’s face it, guzzling down litres of plain water can get a bit, well, boring. Why not jazz up your hydration habits with some more intriguing options? Coconut water is a fantastic choice, packed with electrolytes to keep you feeling zingy even in the heat. Herbal teas, served ice cold, can provide a refreshing and calming alternative, ideal for those balmy summer evenings. I love ice cold peppermint tea with fresh lemon. Also, why not try infusing water with slices of fresh fruit or even a sprig of mint? These delightful alternatives not only help keep dehydration at bay but also ensure your taste buds are kept thoroughly entertained.

Try to avoid bought flavoured waters as these often come with hidden sugars or additives, and if you are drinking alcohol (especially if you’re outside in the sun), make sure you’re matching each drink with at least an equal glass of water. Nothing ruins summer holidays like a nightmare hangover.

Navigating the Temptation of the Buffet Table

Ah, the buffet table: a feast for the eyes and the ultimate test of your willpower. Before you dive in, I’ve got three tips for you I’d like you to remember:

  1. Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach
  2. Take a leisurely lap around the offerings first. This reconnaissance mission might help you prioritise what exactly you want to eat or try, and what you can go without.
  3. Fill half of your plate with vibrant salads and veggies first. Then go for a lean piece of

protein. This ensures that your plate is pretty full before you even get close to the naughty bits. But of course, always go back for dessert if there’s room - you’re on holiday!

The Art of Snacking Smart on the Go

Exploring new destinations is thrilling, and sometimes means our healthy habits go astray. If you’re a “snacker” or will be active during your holidays, try to plan ahead as best you can to make healthier choices whilst on the go. Fresh fruit, nuts, rice cakes with a nut butter are all excellent and easy snacks. No matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to find fresh, local produce to snack on.

Try to avoid the temptation of holiday grazing - you know what I’m talking about - the leisurely grazing all day…crisps, bar snacks, ice-creams… Don’t get me wrong, you are on holiday! So enjoy yourself! Just keep in the back of your mind that by choosing these smart snacks you’re fueling your body with the right kind of energy to give you loads of energy for your holiday.

Finding a Healthy Balance at Restaurants

Navigating a foreign restaurant menu whilst keeping your healthy eating in check doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sounds. You can apply similar steps here as you would at the buffet - choose fresh local veggies and proteins.

Also, ask your waiter what’s local to the area or their special for the night. It’ll most likely have been freshly prepared that day and be a local recipe, so something new to try! If ordering sides, take this as an opportunity to top up your vegetable intake. This is important for nutrients, but also fibre. I’ve had many clients come back from holidays constipated and bloated, mostly due to too much greasy food and not enough fibre. This easy hack will keep you regular and feeling your best.

Indulging Wisely: Enjoying Treats Without the Guilt

Indulging in the finer things during your summer trip needn’t be a source of guilt. Instead,

embrace these moments with mindfulness, allowing yourself that gelato or a sun-kissed cocktail, but do so with intention. Savour each flavourful experience, letting the joy of the treat be the focus rather than the quantity. This way, you’re not just eating or drinking; you’re creating memorable moments without overdoing it. It’s about striking a blissful balance, where you can revel in your holiday’s guilty pleasures yet maintain harmony with your health goals. Consider it the art of indulgence: knowing when to say ‘yes’ and when to opt for something lighter.

After all, what’s a holiday without a little bit of sweetness to round off those sun-drenched days?

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