Sparkling Water

CanO Water spring water is sourced from the Austrian Alps, with a pH level of 7.9 it has an increased alkaline level. 500ml   Read More

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The immediately unique aspect of CanO Water, which made the product so interesting and appealing to the team at Aqua Amore and our customers, is that CanO Water is available in a resealable 500ml can – convenient for use on the go and environmentally friendly in the high level of recycling of aluminium cans available in UK.

CanO Water is a convenient natural spring water which can be used on-the-go and without the potential leaching of toxins within the water. It is immediately available to buy from our Aqua Amore website and perfect for consumption both within the office and home.



sodium 4,50
magnesium 15,64
calcium 37,13
chloride 0,85
sulfate 9,90
bicarbonate 195,50
m-silica 38,00
nitrates 0,60
Total dissolved solids 302,12

pH Level 7.9


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