What is a juice cleanse?

Juice Cleansing

What is a cleanse?

PRESS Cleanses are a low calorie, daily liquid detox, consisting of raw, unpasteurized vegetable and fruit juices, nut milks, cleanse waters and supplements. Cleanses are enjoyed throughout the day as a substitute for your regular 3 meals and give the body and chance to rest and recover from the ongoing strain we put upon them. 


Why Cleanse?

Feeling run downBad skin?

Low energyTrouble sleeping?

Poor digestionWeight gain?

The quick pace and constant rush of our day to day lives puts continual stress and pressure on us and our bodies. Subsequently, we sometimes make bad choices that are optimised for convenience. Combing this with our exposure to various chemicals within the environment, we're left not always feeling our best. Cleansing is the perfect way to give our bodies the essential break they need, flooding them with raw, unpasteurised, cold pressed greens, root vegetables, fresh fruit and nut milks.


How does it work?

Our bodies expend huge amounts of time and energy trying to digest processed and complex foods, attempting to extract the few nutrients and minerals contained within these foods. 

 PRESS juices provide all the nutrients your body needs in their most easily digestible, absorbable form. When we cleanse and stop eating solids for a few days, our bodies can turn their attention away from breaking down processed foods and begin to heal and purge.


Who should cleanse?

Anyone looking for a full-body reboot or those needing a springboard into a more balanced lifestyle.*

Our fresh-bottled, cold-pressed juices are quick, convenient and delicious, giving you the hit of goodness you need and restoring your body to a happy, balanced and rejuvenated state.


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*Please note cleanses are not advised for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication. Please seek medical advice before starting a cleanse should you have a medical condition.