Post Cleanse

Congratulations, you're cleansed!

So you're feeling fabulous, but what now? 


Now that you've completed the cleanse you should hopefully be feeling much better than when you started. Many people find themselves feeling refreshed, replenished and more energized and lighter on their feet. 

The next step is to implement some of those life in balance changes to your daily routine! 

We advise taking it slowly, making food and lifestyle choices which can gradually work your body into its new healthier lifestyle, rather than shocking your body with sudden drastic changes. Try and stick to lighter meals, eating small amounts often through the day for example soups or salads. Try to avoid rich, heavy or large quantities of foods for a few days as this will make your digestive system work overly hard, and you may feel sluggish and low in energy. Engaging in light exercise for a few days is also a great idea to get you back into an active lifestyle.


It's also best to re-introduce the more indulgent things in life (i.e. a few drinks after work) slowly, as again these will be a shock to your body after 1/2/3 days of cleansing and re-juvenating. 


Fancy another cleanse?

We recommend cleansing once every few months, or when you feel like day to day life is building up beyond normal. Why not try doing the next cleanse with a friend? Cleansing together is more fun and encouraging one another is great for the motivation! You could also try one of our different tier cleanses, if you fancy giving yourself that next little challenge why not try one of our higher tier cleanses?


Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about our cleanses, further cleanse programmes or booking in routine cleanses with us here at PRESS, send an email our way to and we'd be more than happy to answer any further queries you may have.